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  1. StatUS

    Democrats reject platform proposal opposing trade deal

    Democrats reject platform proposal opposing trade deal :mjlol:
  2. FAH1223

    Hillary Clinton and DNC re-approaching 50 state strategy; Placating Sanders

    Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign will maintain staff in all 50 states during the general election with an eye toward overwhelming Republicans in the fall and rebuilding the Democratic Party’s infrastructure thereafter. The strategy, described to The Huffington Post by Clinton campaign...
  3. FAH1223

    Can Bernie Sanders Boost This Congressional Candidate To Victory?

    i Democratic congressional candidate Lucy Flores speaks at a campaign rally for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in February in Las Vegas. Ethan Miller/Getty Images The reach of Bernie Sanders' political influence will be tested Tuesday in a Nevada congressional race. Lucy...
  4. FAH1223

    Democrats Will Learn All the Wrong Lessons From Brush With Bernie

    Democrats Will Learn All the Wrong Lessons From Brush With Bernie Instead of a reality check for the party, it'll be smugness redoubled By Matt Taibbi June 9, 2016 Bernie Sanders at a campaign rally in Santa Monica, California, Tuesday. Marcus Yam/Getty...
  5. FAH1223

    President Obama preparing to be Campaigner-In-Chief, backs expanding Social Security, Attacks Trump

  6. It is a mystery

    Did this end Bernie Sanders' chance at the election

    ...or save it? :ohhh: You the people decide I have this joint on repeat :banderas:
  7. SirReginald

    Official #JillNotHill Jill Stein 2016 General Election "HEADQUARTERS"!

    It's only fair since most of the Bernie supporters plan to flock to her anyway :manny::youngsabo:
  8. FAH1223

    Senate Democrats are wondering how to deal with Bernie Sanders

    How Senate Democrats are trying to deal with Sanders Greg Nash - Cameron Lancaster By Alexander Bolton - 05/19/16 06:00 AM EDT Senate Democrats discussed how to handle Bernie Sanders and his supporters at a private caucus meeting on Tuesday. The lawmakers met in a closed-door session days...
  9. SirReginald

    So, Huey Long Was Killed Because He Was A Threat? (Death Seemed Suspicious)

    He announced he was running for President in the 1936 election. Basically, dude was 1930's Bernie Sanders. Plus, he said about a challenger being "Coffee Black". Anyway, an assassin killed him :jbhmm: Peeps now said it was his bodyguard who "ACCIDENTALLY" shot him even though that was...
  10. SirReginald

    "God Told Me To Leave That Handicapped Lady STRANDED" - Trump Supporter

    :wtf: Tow Truck Driver Leaves Woman With Disabilities On Side Of Highway Because She Supports Bernie Sanders His Business Facebook :mjlol:: Shupee Max Used Cars & Towing
  11. hayesc0

    Excelent interview with Killer Mike advocating for Bernie Sanders VladTV

  12. FAH1223

    Bernie Sanders cutting hundreds of staff, focusing on California

    It's over :mjcry:
  13. C

    Essential "The Real Truth Is Wall Street Regulates Congress": The Offical Bernie Sanders CircleJerk Thread

    :troll: @Clutch Robinson @Pifferry @ineedsleep212 @smitty22 @Swavy Karl Marx @Regular_P @JahFocus CS @2 Up 2 Down @Swagnificent @rapbeats @hayesc0 @JudgeJoeGorilla @Mook @tmonster @Lord_Chief_Rocka @Swaggatron feel the bern :wow:
  14. FAH1223

    Bernie and Hillary both raised $182M thus far

  15. Napoleon's Thoughts on Bernie Sanders

  16. C

    Bernie Sanders introduces Run The Jewels at Coachella 2016

  17. Mac Casper

    Is Bernie Sanders more hip-hop than Barack Obama?

  18. B

    Verizon CEO Ehter's Bernie Sanders

    The lying socialist that had never held a real job until he was 40 years old gets hit with some truth. When will him and his blind followers stop lying? Clueless socialists saying that corporations don't pay taxes when that couldn't be further from the truth. When will Bernie and his cucks...
  19. Vonte3000

    The Official Primary Thread

    I'm Bernie all the way but I can admit things ain't lookin so good:manny: What would become of this country? I want to here Hillary supporters tell me their side. I was looking at her stances on policies and a lot were similar minus how she feels about. My main problem with her is the fact...
  20. ¯

    Most Bernie Sanders Supporters Aren't Willing to Pay for His Revolution

    Most Bernie Sanders supporters aren't willing to pay for his revolution