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    Killer Mike ELECTRIFIES Rally for Bernie Sanders in Atlanta (Video)

    I tried to tell cats that Bernz the Gawd was going to change things, he could get free college because he can get those rallies in the streets for college education tuition free Drop the mic line "I do not want to elect another Margaret Thatcher" :banderas: Holy shyt, Mike needs to be the...
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    Bernie Sanders Explains Koch Brothers "Agenda" w/ no Flinching (Video)

    This guy is ahead of his time. That's why he built the flux compacitor to travel to the future. :banderas: Who else would do that running for President? He knows the wolves are coming but he just said "Let them come, I have tiger blood" "The Fringe Candidate", people arent laughing anymore...
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    Bernie Sanders on Puerto Rico & Vulture Funds Ripping Them Off (Video Clip)

    :banderas:Bernz da Gawd strikes again..... You see how he did that rundown? :win:Bernz snatches the issues that no one is talking about they are trying to sweep under the rug. "Not one word on sustainable energy" That's the sound of a mainly unbought candidate. PR get your solar on.....w/...
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    Bernie Sanders the Comic Book- Preview (OMG this is Real)

    Dont lie, you want to read to find out what happens and who gets BERNED :russ: Chuck Todd's face, Morning Joe, :mjlol:Hillary with that ice look. st0rmfr0nt...that's a bad name for publishing........someone needs to tell them someone has that name. :francis: :ohhh: STORY...
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    Bernie Sanders on Meet the Press Discusses the issues of the Day

    Bernz sits down and takes the difficult questions, still saying he can't be president? :ohhh: Bernz is going to a level that Mcgovern,Gore,Nader, DID NOT. 25 minutes....... Bernz, I agree w/ most of it. He covers the gun issue satisfactorily. It makes sense what he voted for. Bernz once...
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    Bernie Sanders Lands Time Magazine Cover

    :banderas: Berns the gawd, MSM is taking note, that title and that stance. :salute: Now what we need is some more debates added to the DNC schedule. We see what you doing, Debbie. That ain't gonna work, pleighgul :birdman: Article:
  7. notPsychosiz

    COMPLETE breakdown of what Bernie Sanders intends to do about racial injustice (taken from his site)

    Bernie Sanders on Racism and Racial Justice Addressing Physical Violence We must demilitarize our police forces so they don’t look and act like invading armies. We must invest in community policing. Only when we get officers into the communities, working within neighborhoods before trouble...
  8. BlackManLiveFromLondon

    Lil B really out here on CNN speaking on Bernie Sanders & Hilary Clinton

    :wow: Thats my favourite rapper yall They really tried to catch the breh slipping too , they really wanted to humiliate him :mjpls: #Taskforce
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    Bernie Sanders FALL SURPRISE coming (Uh Oh...)

    Now you have to wonder if someone gets 28,000 people at *1* rally, how many supporters are donating across the country? And if the average is 40 dollars...per person? What do you think that quarterly number is going to be? That aint good look if you are spending $ on nonsense expenditures as...
  10. DrexlersFade

    Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Adds Young Black Woman As New Public Face

    After meeting with Bernie Sanders about criminal justice and Black Lives Matter, Bernie Sanders has hired Symone Sanders as national press secretary. Meanwhile: more protests in Seattle. posted on Aug. 9, 2015, at 12:27 a.m. SEATTLE — Hours after Black Lives Matter protesters shut down a Bernie...
  11. iFightSeagullsForBread

    The two women who stormed Bernie Sanders’ stage are not members of #BlackLivesMatter

    The two women who stormed Bernie Sanders’ stage are not members of #BlackLivesMatter
  12. N

    Bernie Sanders and Hillary Speak at the 2015 National Urban League Conference

    What do you guys think of their speeches? btw..Jeb also spoke and spoke last. He and Hillary sounded very similar fwiw. They speak like they are intro speakers to get people somewhat engaged superficially whereas Bernie speaks like the featured speaker and the expert. I think its clear Bernie...
  13. iFightSeagullsForBread

    Former SOHH alumni Rodmiusprime, goes in on Bernie Sanders in interview

    The creator of #BernieSoBlack doesn’t want to hear any more about what Sanders did in the 1960s :whoo::patrice: