bradley beal

  1. FAH1223

    Brad Beal returns to DC: Official Suns @ Bullets Thread (3:30 PM EST on NBA TV)

    YOUR Washington Bullets are 9-39! At game 50, we are mere hours away from the NBA Trade Deadline. Multiple players are for sale. But nothing has happened yet. Bradley Beal will step onto Capital One Arena for the first time as a visitor on Sunday afternoon. And he will no doubt get a nice...
  2. FAH1223

    Did the Suns get damaged goods? Brad Beal to be re-evaluated for lower back strain in 3 weeks

    So we ain’t going to see the Suns big 3 healthy at all this season? :stopitslime:
  3. DaSk8D00D

    With Beal & KD on the Books, it's Time to Get this Chip | Phoenix Suns 2023-2024 Season Thread

    Gonna be an exciting year for Suns fans with new ownership and an entirely overhauled roster. Ishbia has stated that he wants the Suns to be a world class sports organization and seems willing to spend whatever it takes to do so Even made it easier to watch local games for the people:blessed...
  4. FAH1223

    Brad Beal allegedly cussed out NBA prospect Cooper Flagg during 1-on-1 game

  5. FAH1223

    Brad Beal under investigation for postgame incident with fans after their lost bets

    dude filed a police complaint for getting his hat knocked off
  6. FAH1223

    "Grab The Strap Cause When The Bullets Start Zingin', Kristaps Will Pop, Pop, Pop!": Official Wizards 2022-2023 Season Thread

    Kudos to @Knicksman20 for the title A new season. Wes is on year 2 as HC. He has a couple of his Nuggets guys in the building. Porzingis is healthy as of this writing. As is Beal. The starting SF spot is wide open. Who takes it? Deni, Rui, Corey? I've got this team winning 38 games...
  7. FAH1223

    Bradley Beal gets a No-Trade Clause (NTC) on his 5-year $250M contract; Only player in the NBA with a NTC

  8. FAH1223

    "We Need Big Guards & Wings Who Defend Like Dogs" - Official Washington Wizards 2022 Offseason Thread

    That quote is from Bradley Beal's appearance on NBC Sports Washington last month when the Bullets lost to the Rockets by 18 after holding a 23 point lead. With the season over, I can point to the following Ls which were terrible and a sign of Wes Unseld Jr's head coaching inexperience and Tommy...
  9. FAH1223

    Warriors' Curry, Thompson & Green Pressuring Front Office To Make Big Trade w/ Bradley Beal On Radar

    Sources: Bradley Beal at top of Warriors’ wishlist should he want out of Washington By Marcus Thompson II Some on the Golden State Warriors are watching closely the next move of Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal. Should he become available, he’s at the top of the offseason wishlist. The...
  10. FAH1223

    Steph Curry wins 2021 NBA Scoring Title over Bradley Beal

    Alright Coli brehs, Bullets' Brad Beal has led the scoring most of the season. Dubs' Curry has roared back. #1 Bradley Beal (Wizards) 31.0 PPG #2 Stephen Curry (Warriors) 30.7 PPG
  11. B

    Anthony Edwards

    I’ve been watching a lot of him the last few days and I feel he’s without a doubt the second best player in this draft and possibly the first(Lamelo is the best IMO) but does anyone else see Bradley Beal in Anthony Edwards? I swear it’s like I’m watching Bradley Beal when I’m watching his stuff.
  12. FAH1223

    Bradley Beal says it’s “disrespectful” he wasn’t named an All-Star

  13. Archangel

    The Washington Bullets/Wizards haven't won 50 games since 1978-79

    :dwillhuh: Thats 41 years. Was anybody on here even alive when these nikkas last hit 50? They are the only team in the NBA without a 50 win season in that span. Literally every other team top to bottom has had multiple 50+ win seasons except the Wizards... Yes even the bottom dwellers: Phoenix...
  14. FAH1223

    Bullets plan to offer Bradley Beal a 3 year, $111M extension

    This is a signal that he is NOT on the trading block. And without a permanent GM in place, why would he be? For context, he has 2 years and just under $58M owed to him for 2019-20 and 2020-21.
  15. FAH1223

    Bullet to the Brain, Only Way It'll End: The Official Washington Wizards 2018-2019 Season Thread

    Another year, another Ernie extension through 2019. Another summer where retread veterans arrive. But the same delusional expectations abound. @thewiz703 @lochead @mastermind @ThatsRite2 @Black @Eddie Jordan @Mr swag @Spree At Last @Reggie @mrken12 @Rob's al Ghul @KBadd...
  16. FAH1223

    Stephen A. Smith thinks Wizards are talking behind John Wall's back

  17. FAH1223

    Bradley Beal talks about police brutality and "Black Lives Matter"

    Bradley Beal was one of hundreds of professional athletes to weigh in on social media last week after the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile became national stories. But Beal’s use of the phrase “Black Lives Matter” led some fans to take issue with his message, in turn leading to an...