1. B.C.B

    The Car Flipping/Backyard Mechanic thread

    Been at it over 10+ years Flipped over 50 cars Any advice, questions or what you’re working on now can post here (Working on getting my YouTube channel going soon) Can tell you what to look for, best deals, what to stay away from and etc Was gonna do an AMA but not gonna be selfish on the...
  2. B.C.B

    $11.6 million Catalytic converter ring busted in Houston. How did they get caught?……….stuntin on the gram

    Investigators seized 477 catalytic converters in an early morning raid Thursday. Seven locations throughout the Houston area, including a warehouse, were hit. HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Homeland Security Houston, the Harris County Sheriff's Office, the Texas Department of Public Safety, and the...
  3. B

    Car companies stand to make billions by charging you monthly fees for add-on features like heated se

    Car companies stand to make billions by charging you monthly fees for add-on features like heated seats Car companies stand to make billions by charging you monthly fees for add-on features like heated seats Tim Levin 11 hours ago The 2022 Lexus IS sedan. Car companies want to rake in...
  4. JadeB

    What's your opinion on Turo?

    Might rent out my car for extra money but curious on what y'all think?
  5. princeofhaiti

    Need to upgrade cars....point in the right direction brehs

    Any recommendations for new 2021 cars that I should get. Currently working with 2013 corolla LE. It does the job but want a car with a lot more prestige value. Great sound system, sunroof, & great mpg etc... currently got it down to these but open to suggestions: Honda Civic sport New Toyota...
  6. Bossyyyyy

    08 GS350 Lexus 88k mi ~$10k yay or nay? UPDATE

    I found a 08 Lexus GS350 88k miles ~$10k What y’all think? 2 owners, the OG owner bought it from the dealership and got all repairs done thru them as well (nothing notable - oil changes, tune ups etc). good physical condition as well inside and outside second owner owned it for a total of 2-3...
  7. CopiousX

    Vanity Plate Ideas?

    Thinking about getting a custom plate....:patrice: Now, I know what y’all thinking. Y’all gonna say it’s better to have a boring, nondescript license plate like “5g6hj8” or “457532”, so that you can dip in emergencies, or maybe be so it can be hard to remember for a cop. But that ship has...
  8. CopiousX

    Is it REALLY worth it to do car service appointments?

    Is it worth it to go to scheduled car appointments?:patrice: I'm talking about your 30k, 50k, 60k, etc mile service appointment. Manufacturers obviously suggest them, but I'm feeling iffy about going to it. I checked the stuff they do, and its pretty much just... Check oil Check breaks...
  9. princeofhaiti

    Should i copt this 2007 BMW 325I

    It has 270,000 miles and user is selling it for 2 grand. Ima gonna have to change the tires due to two of them being wobbly so i figured i change all 4 im definitely gonna have to upgrade the rims the tuner doesnt media correctly so might have to replace that minor dent in the front grill (super...
  10. Doctor Doom

    Car heads: Are body kits worth it?

    Title. Dude I work with has a 370Z with the LibertyWalk bodykit This in white pretty much. Down the road (2-3 years, stacking up rn) was prolly gonna pick up a nice little 2 door (A Lexus RC 350/RCF or a 350Z), and was wondering outside of aesthetics, if a bodykit was worth it or not.
  11. Q

    Best Car Chase Ever

    Highlights: this goes on forever, so here's your summary! thank me later. 5:38 Donuts #1 6:56 Donuts #2 8:50 Hollywood Boulevard "Ride of Fame" 10:17 Mann's Chinese Theatre 17:34 Laurel Canyon into Mulholland Drive 18:30 a bit of offroading, probably damaged the right front tire...
  12. Luken

    "HiHATER" And "BYEHATER" are the GOAT vanity license plates

    when you have those plates on the German or Italian coupe you can have any girl you want :wow: theyre all taken in my area though:stopitslime::martin:
  13. you're NOT "n!ggas"

    DogSet at it again :mjlol: FLORIDA dog puts car in reverse and hits donuts for nearly an hour

    Honestly this is a Florida thread :yeshrug:
  14. Hater's Liberator

    SPIN : What do you use in your car to make it smell good ?

    :ahh: :ufdup: For emergencies :myman: ..
  15. you're NOT "n!ggas"

    fukk your car up for a $3.99 chicken sandwich brehs

    @śïñe•qúå_nøn Free The Brehs :demonic:
  16. M

    What do you gotta look for when you buying an old used car?

    Iam talking about shyt that you can really see just with a first look How do you avoid buying a dud? Yep I know there's google but I like to get answers directed to me so anyone with experience on buying old used car? Btw this are cars to upgrade and flip and to ride in the city and not in...
  17. Dray5K

    I'm Thinking About Buying A 2015 Kia Rio for $8,900 or less...

    NavyFed is pretty dope:wow:. They have a car buying program that guarantees discounts on cars. I found one for this Rio that originally costs $9,900, but the program gives a MINIMUM discount of $1,000 on it:wow:. The car has a 40,000 miles on it and, after running the carfax, has a spotless...
  18. Dray5K

    Finally About to Get A Car, Brehs...

    Hit up my Credit Union and was pre-approved for 12 racks with an APR of 7.09%... Then I started looking for cars and found out that 12K ain't shyt:martin:. Best I can afford is a Chevy Sonic, Chevy Spark, Nissan Versa, Nissan Sentra, Hyundai Elantra, Hyundai Sonata, or a Jetta or Passat...
  19. Yinny

    Tips for a brehette to diy on her car?

    What are some essential things I should reasonably be able to do dolo? I have AAA and a good mechanic but I’m toying with the idea of changing my own tires and oil (truly “for fun” and general “know-how”). What should I keep in the trunk and know how to do myself? It’s a Honda Accord over 10...