covid 19

  1. FAH1223

    Kevin Durant calls out the NBA’s health and safety protocols

  2. Rhapture

    How do you think Gotham city would handle Covid 19?

    Would the city be in the red? Would Batman stay his OCD ass at home or would his need for justice keep him from social distancing? Would crime increase or decrease? How many Covid deaths would Arkham Asylum have?
  3. Black Panther

    Flu Levels Plummeted 95%, Figures Suggest: Lowest In 130 Years

    For those who think wearing masks, social distancing, and hygiene haven't made a difference: Flu levels have plummeted 95% to their lowest in 130 years, figures suggest
  4. loyola llothta

    Cuba is first Latin American country to develop, test its own Covid-19 vaccine.

    Cuba aims to immunise its population this year with its own coronavirus vaccine By Euronews with AFP • 21/01/2021 A technician shows a vial of the Cuban made COVID-19 vaccine called Soberana 2 Cuba is aiming to vaccinate its population this year with its own vaccine, which would be the...
  5. King Static X

    The Cuomo administration undercounted COVID-19 deaths at nursing homes by up to 50%

    Tish James actually went at Cuomo's head. Cuomo's finished. His dream of being elected to a 4th term next year is gone.
  6. Mike_Pipeson

    Dave Chappelle apparently has Covid

    :bryan: Dave Chappelle tested positive for COVID-19 and has cancelled a string of shows in Austin, TX ... TMZ has learned. A rep for the comedian tells us Dave is currently quarantined after the positive test, but he has not yet experienced any symptoms. Dave performed the first of 5 shows in...
  7. Brer Dog

    Florida reports first case of new COVID-19 variant discovered in UK

    Updated: 7:38 AM EST Jan 1, 2021 MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. — Florida has its first case of the new coronavirus variant that was discovered across the United Kingdom, the Florida Department of Health said. The Florida Department of Health made the report on Twitter Thursday night. According to the...
  8. O.T.I.S.

    Latest Covid-19 bill saying all 3 letter agencies got 180 days to disclose all information on UFOs

    My bad if posted already
  9. JadeB

    Mask up or risk getting a Rolling Stones tongue

    Poor man had live like that for three months. Props to the doctor.
  10. TheGodling

    R.I.P. Kim Ki-Duk - South Korean director dies of Covid-19

    Kim Ki-Duk Dead Of Covid-19: South Korean Director Was 59 – Deadline Goddammit brehs, this one hits me like a sledgehammer. Truly one of the most unique storytellers in cinema gone. :mjcry: I don't think most folks here are familiar with his works even though he's a legend in his own right...
  11. loyola llothta

    China overtakes the US to become EU's biggest trade partner as Beijing's economy continues to boom p

    8 December 2020 China Overtakes the US to Become EU’s Biggest Trade Partner as Beijing’s Economy Continues to Boom Post-COVID while the Rest of the World Slides into the Red By AFP, AP and Sam Blanchard China has overtaken the U.S. to become the EU’s biggest trade partner while the rest of the...
  12. B

    Seen so many people gain too much weight during COVID

    And haven’t been able to bounce back :francis: Men and Women I work with or just people I see everyday on the regular just put on 30-50 pounds,and some can’t lose it or don’t even care about it:yeshrug: This one chick I work with finnnneeeee as hell seriously natural beauty,put on about 35...
  13. BaltimoreTwilightMarauder

    Where to meet women during Covid

    Has anyone found ways to meet new girls? The masks really seem to hamper it.
  14. mc_brew

    Kamala Bear (Grrrr) vs. Mother: 2020 VP Debate - Wed, 10/7, 9PM EDT, Salt Lake City

    once again it's on.... so trump out here faking covid and doing publicity stunts, huh....? got cats out here gassed thinking this fake penguin looking muh'fukka bought to keel over.... he trying to convince his stupid supporters that covid ain't a thing and that all you need is a shot of...
  15. mykey

    This week's Herman Cain award goes to Tony Tenpenny

    Another one bites the dust.. :yeshrug: #Trumpset
  16. Mufasa Ahadi

    NYC Council Passes Bill Adding 10% Surcharge on Diners’ Check

    NYC Council Passes Bill Adding 10% Surcharge on Diners’ Check to Help Out Restaurants – NBC New York Published September 16, 2020 NBC Universal, Inc. A 10% surcharge could be added to your bill if you dine out at New York City restaurants. When New York City reopens indoor dining in two weeks...
  17. Jody Lo

    Mixtapes & EPs [FRESH 8/28] Jody Lo - Out of the Quarantine

    Jody Lo - Out of the Quarantine Winston-Salem artist Jody Lo releases his 3rd mixtape of 2020; “Out of the Quarantine”. Obviously created during the coronavirus pandemic, the mixtape boasts 9 strong tracks and stands at a solid 25 minutes. Plenty of vibes on this one, the usual his and...
  18. JadeB

    LA rent is falling, with some big drops in luxury buildings

    L.A. rent is falling, with some big drops in luxury buildings Rents are coming down in Los Angeles as landlords seek to fill an increase in vacancies. (Kent Nishimura / Los Angeles Times) By ANDREW KHOURISTAFF WRITER AUG. 10, 2020 10:40 AM Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options The...
  19. A

    Young Breh Loses Parents to COVID-19 Just Four Days Apart - Taking GoFundMe Donations

    Link to his GoFundMe: In honor of the Hunter family organized by Frank DuCille RIP to the Hunters. :mjcry:
  20. Brer Dog

    Americans are officially "banned" from the Bahamas

    Editor’s note: This post has been updated to clarify that U.S. citizens arriving to the Bahamas on private jets or private vessels will be allowed to enter the country. The vast majority of U.S. passengers who arrive to the Bahamas – by air – are barred.