1. Ruck

    Uncle Ruck presents: The Pacific version of ‘Kasa’

    come get this fijian culture :blessed::blessed::blessed:
  2. JadeB

    Can you name 7 people from Los Angeles?

    Can't be exclusively one race of people either
  3. JadeB

    You get $5 million if you willing to live this lifestyle for 4 years

    You can only use your cell phone for emergencies, your family can only join you if every member is willing to live the same lifestyle as you, you only get basic amneties. And you must only eat the local food. Are you down?
  4. JadeB

    Misconceptions about being a Black Panamanian

    :ehh: interesting culture
  5. Mufasa Ahadi

    Culture VS Salary

    You have a choice between two companies. Both have a 6 figure base. One has a better culture, more laid back, cool co-workers, 10K less. One has a so-so culture, unsure about the co-workers, 10K more. Which one are you taking?
  6. JadeB

    Igbo influence in Black American culture

    Food (Nri) For black folks at the cookout, One-pot’ cooking practices, extra helpings of collard greens, a healthy incorporation of pepper, spices, and even “hot sauce” are not just random preferences. Traditional soul food cooking is an inheritance which enslaved Africans passed on through...
  7. JadeB

    ADOS brehs: Do y'all have Africans in your family?

    And vice versa for Africans:ehh:
  8. JadeB

    ADOS Pawgers, have y'all experienced this?

    When my husband and I finally decided to take the plunge after dating for four years, we eloped. I think deep down we were worried about the “if anyone here can show just cause” part. My father’s side of the family was horrified, my mother’s tolerant, but not overjoyed. When my grandmother...
  9. Asante

    "Zahi Hawass has put to bed Afrocentric claims that the Ancient Egyptians were black Africans"

    White Americans and Europeans pay this joker to reiterate this lie every couple of years. World-renowned Egyptologist Zahi Hawass has put to bed Afrocentric claims that the Ancient Egyptians were black Africans, saying such allegations are not true at all. Speaking to Daily News Egypt in an...
  10. JadeB

    Girls from the Motherland....

  11. Ruck

    Collectable Card Games Thread (Magic, Pokemon, Yugioh, etc.)

    Welcome friends. Lets talk about some of our favorite cardboard hobbies. I am particularly passionate about Magic: The Gathering - specifically the commander (edh) format. @ORDER_66 @Dafunkdoc_Unlimited :mjgrin:
  12. Anwulika

    The Igbo Culture Thread

    I've seen a lot of threads here pertaining to certain aspects of Igbo culture and it seems to me that a lot of it is misunderstood. I've created this thread to give a very basic analysis of Igbo culture in general and to show that I'm not being biased, I'll start with a bad aspect of Igbo...
  13. Rell Lauren

    Westside Gunn says he's not retiring

    This was in spite of him saying that he was retiring at the end of 2020. More #ART coming for the culture.
  14. intruder

    Preserving the Culture - Miami Heat 2020-21 Season Thread

    "To preserve culture we must continue to create it." - Johan Huizinga Well, well, well. So what do we got here, gentlemen? A number well rested, yet ungrateful Eastern conference teams eager to take our crown out here talking shyt about fluke after we busted their bubbles like... What...
  15. BaileyPark31

    Best Ever Food Reviews - Food & Culture vids

    I've been binge watching these. I've been learning a lot about peoples cultures. I think Anthony Bourdain did this well, but this host is good too.
  16. Low End Derrick

    How black culture is embracing its African roots

  17. Da_Eggman

    Byke before you get a chance to miss us: Miami Heat 2020 Offseason Thread

    “When defeat comes, accept it as a signal that your plans are not sound, rebuild those plans, and set sail once more toward your coveted goal“ Since we will not lose, they try to help them cheat But we will not lose, for even in defeat There's a valuable lesson learned, so it evens up for we...
  18. JadeB

    Do Black Americans suck their teeth too while experiencing disappointment?

    It's common with (West) Africans and Caribbean people so I wonder if ADOS do that thing too?
  19. MischievousMonkey

    The Deadly Street Fighters of Nigeria

  20. JadeB

    Which decade had the bigger impact on modern black culture?

    the 1970s: or the 1990s