1. thefloorislava

    Weird white chick wont stop talking about me

    I'm an active person and go to the gym about 4-5 times a week. I've been at going to this place for a minute, same time I started college and know alot people from there. There was (from what I think) a mother and daughter using an ab machine I wanted; simply asked how many sets they had left...
  2. Uchiha God

    Positive/Motivational twitter gym thread

    @Black Trash! made this thread recently - and twitter thread popped up on my feed so I thought I'd post it here to inspire you flabby brehs/brehettes to go get in the gym:
  3. Sleepy Floyd

    Pick-up artist showing why you should stay in the gym

    Women love being picked up :shaq: Especially big or tall women because it rarely happens to them
  4. Kuma the Bear

    Brehette says that she doesn’t wear underwear to the gym

    This is the same woman who said a breh offered her a mat: And said that a man complimented her ass...
  5. Knuckles Red

    Anybody else here ever farted at the gym? 🌬️

    So last Saturday, I was executing my usual deadlift procedure, and, as I squatted down, one of my gas babies escaped the inner chambers of my virgin buttgina. I was so embarrassed! You had better believe I kept my shyt pillows clinched as tightly as possible for the remainder of my gym time, so...
  6. Ahadi

    Man Throws Weighted Ball at Female TikToker While She’s Trying to Workout

    With the prevalence of social media, gyms have become an epicenter for conflict and drama. In a recent post made on TikTok, Lexi Moore revealed that a man attempted to throw a medicine ball in her direction to stop her from working out. Not all gym TikTok encounters are hostile, as some people...
  7. Koli_Kat

    Man gets shot at LA fitness parking lot over pickup basketball Throw your life away over a pickup basketball game,brehs :francis:
  8. Leao2005

    Gym bros, which ones better for a nice body? Calisthenics or Lifting?

    I am relatively slim. Am active. Play soccer at least four times a week and played all my youth till now. So I’m not unalthetic. I want to focus more or toning for some pecs and abs and more work on strength if my legs to prevent and injuries will playing soccer. Don’t care for strength...
  9. T

    Gym breh get pressed by Cac while working out .

  10. KidJSoul

    Should I be doing calisthenics everyday?

    What do yall think :patrice: Regular weight lifting is annoying as fukk. Muscle progress is slow, and I don't feel strong with it. I can cut just fine, but bulking never works for me :francis: I read doing calisthenics everyday is helpful with this stuff. What do yall think?
  11. KidJSoul

    Has anybody gotten in great shape in 30 days? Or a body recomposition?

    I already have muscle mass, but I still got a decent amount of fat. (enough to where it obscures my six pack almost completely, I have like a long 2 pack). My muscles don't show much in my clothing. I wanna burn off this fat while maintaining or even slightly increasing my muscle mass. Any...
  12. Luken

    The Official Locker Room 'Red Pill' Avenger Thread

    * cue the Avengers Movie Main soundtrack Theme * after watching the redpill avengers vid, my life changed. :wow: i forgot how invigorating it feels to be henched, swole, fit etc iv always trained but ive been lacking the last 3 years... after watching and subbing to these nikkas, im training...
  13. Luken

    1 Girl vs 10 Guys: Rating Guys Based On Body Shape

    The lesson here my nikkas, dont be fat, be fit! you can fukk any girl you want when you have muscles and dont let anyone tell you different!!! :wow: Girls dont like short or fat nikkas or short AND fat nikkas :wow: Ill be seeing you nikkas in the Gym and the Gym section :wow:
  14. ISO

    Y’all built different? :mjlol:

  15. Bart simpson

    **Butterface Alert** Gym thots with strkong bodies and even STRKONG LOOKING FACES

    Test ur might by Bart simpson posted Feb 12, 2018 at 7:55 PM Butterfaces with fittest bodies S/o to @987654321 for the suggestion! Edit: body is in the spoiler and the faces are a spoiler in the body pic... All decisions are final so choose wisely... Type A [/SPOILER] Type B [/SPOILER] Type...
  16. B

    To workout and stay in shape is one of the hardest/most disciplined things to do in life.

    The consistency and discipline you must have to stay in shape and have a good physique is crazy,lot of dudes don’t wanna work out because they don’t have the discipline to do it. Lots of guys will say I don’t need it or I ain’t wasting my time with that when they really just can’t do it. It...
  17. Luken

    Ask a Nikka opening his first Gym anything.

  18. Kairi Irving

    For Gym Heads

    Just A Reminder :mjgrin:
  19. SnowflakesByTheOZ

    Gym brehs is 8 eggs a day too much ?