1. Oatmeal

    Sheriff Office Dresses Police Horses Up For Halloween.

    https://fox8.com/news/ghost-costume-causes-controversy-for-local-sheriff/ (Click the link, I can't embed the video) :comeon::comeon::comeon: They knew what they were doing and put the lights on for fake plausible deniability
  2. Big Daddy Dame

    Wyandotte, Michigan city council cancels Halloween, because the city…………………..is dirty as shyt

    A massive cockroach infestation has stomped on a city's Halloween plans Taiyler Simone Mitchell Sun, October 30, 2022 at 11:14 PM A picture taken on March 29, 2018 shows cockroaches locked in a container at the laboratory of the centre of research on infectious diseases of the University...
  3. Avisible Man

    Rumor: "Halloween" Series in Development for Peacock

    It's looking like evil will come home...to Peacock. Fresh off the critical debacle that was "Halloween Ends," Giant Freakin Robot is reporting that a new "Halloween" series is in the works for Peacock. My favorite season of American Horror Story, which is an anthology, is AHS: 1984, which...
  4. Michael Myers

    Michael Myers

  5. Mufasa Ahadi

    NY School District Bans 'Squid Games' Halloween Costumes

    A New York school district is barring some students from wearing Halloween costumes depicting characters from the controversial Netflix show “Squid Game.” Citing the show’s mature and violent content, the Fayetteville-Manilus School District in upstate New York announced that three elementary...
  6. Low End Derrick

    Baddie Claims Black Women's Wombs Are Being Harvested For Transsexuals So They Can Have Babies

    Looks like the glue from her weave is leaking into her brain. :patrice: Oh yea, the IG:
  7. Doctor Doom

    Using your movie knowledge, how would you survive a horror movie situation?

    You're just a normal breh, chilling at home on Halloween watching some movies. Kids come by every now and then to get some candy, just a normal night. Suddenly the lights start to dim in the house, and it gets all too quiet. You begin to investigate, electricity is working fine and nothing seems...
  8. J

    Big Poppa Pump Lookin Jacked

    Big Poppa Pumpkin :russ:
  9. Halloween DaHell

    Halloween DaHell

  10. Mr Rager

    Sohh...House of 1000 Corpses is an absolutely demonic movie

    but... It's probably one of the last good horror movies made. In an era of remakes and jump scare dependent horror movies I've almost forgotten how absolutely :demonic: the horror genre could be Til i watched this shyt today. I might need to watch Kenan and Kel or something to cleanse my palate...
  11. Primetime

    Halloween Spending to Reach 8.8 Billion & Most Popular Costumes per State

    Halloween Most Popular Halloween Costume in Your State | All Home Connections :ehh:
  12. Mufasa Ahadi

    Official Halloween Thot Thread

    Idk why but it doesn’t feel like Halloween this year. Time to restore the feeling. :ahh:
  13. Jisoo Stan

    WOAT Halloween Candy you'd get?

    fukk these guys and anybody that handed these out
  14. Rhapsaerys Barkaryen

    Ghost Stories?

    Since Halloween is almost here, do you have any ghost stories? Anything, it could something you've heard growing up to things that are exclusive to where you live. I have a short one about my step great grandmother. Her name was Mayna but everyone called her grandma Mary. She was my great...
  15. Neuromancer

    Boutta rewatch Halloween(1978) Brehs.

    Michale Myers is my favorite slasher and this movie is my personal favorite in the genre. Though not in the series itself. And that theme music. I listen to this shyt when I work out.
  16. Neuromancer

    Just Saw Halloween

    Is The Shape human in this or nah? Does blood loss not exist in this story.
  17. Neuromancer

    Just saw Halloween.

    This nikka betta be dead, b. nikka got shot,stabbed...... I don’t know how he surived 6 shots off a balcony. But this gotta be it. @CarbonBraddock @Nicole0416 @Otis Kane Jr. @Tenchi® Ryu™ @Judo @The M.I.C. @DarlingNikki
  18. Tunechi

    Lil Wayne jamming out to 'Triggaman and 'ZEZE at his Halloween event + performs 'Uproar live

    On Halloween (October 31st), Lil Wayne hosted a Tha Carter V edition costume party at Mokai Lounge in Miami, Florida. While at the event dressed up as “Gucci Mane”, Weezy jammed out in VIP to songs like “ZEZE” by Kodak Black and “Taste” by Tyga, as well as his own tracks “Triggaman” off Lil...
  19. Dahell Pirate

    Dahell Pirate

  20. Cam Alien

    Cam Alien