1. R

    Any brehs ever changed fields?

    Like you were making good money in a field but hated it and found something else?
  2. Charles Foster Kane

    Career Profiles: Supply Chain

    I teased this last week to see how much interest there was in doing it, and a number of y'all responded. I noticed a number of folks on this board ask about various jobs, how to get into certain career paths. Over the 9 or so years I’ve been posting on the board, there’s a lot of us on here...
  3. DrBanneker

    Towboat deckhands - Not even GED or HS degree required

    I know this is random for a sub-forum dedicated to IT, businesses, etc. but this is something I want people to keep in mind for friends and relatives who have no direction and minimal education. Of course my first advice to such people is the trades but some just don't have the focus to do that...
  4. R

    Where do you find decent paying jobs without degrees?

    Is it possible?
  5. B

    U.S. to let teens drive big rigs in test program to help ease supply chain shortage

    U.S. to let teens drive big rigs in test program to help ease supply chain shortage Tuesday, January 18, 2022 2:01PM U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg toured the ports of LA and Long Beach on Tuesday. DETROIT -- The federal government is moving forward with a plan to let teenagers...
  6. Mufasa Ahadi

    Roc Nation & REFORM Alliance To Host Job Fair At Madison Square Garden

    JAY-Z's philanthropic efforts have always been understated. Through his company Roc Nation, he has always sought avenues to aid those in less fortunate circumstances than himself. On Nov. 18, Roc Nation and REFORM Alliance, an organization focused on improving the failures of America's criminal...
  7. JadeB

    What's the difference between networking and nepotism? How do you network in college?

    Going to Long Beach (or SDSU, when I hear back from my appeal letter I sent) and I feel nervous about finding a job in the advertising/pr field post-graduation. I'm a shy dude and I don't how to interact with folks to help ensure me a job. 6 certs and 6 figures guys, any advice?
  8. Exlurkernegro

    What are some decent jobs/ careers for people with a low IQ?

    Do low IQ people have to stay in bad jobs or is there something actually good out there for them?
  9. Afro

    Philly Brehs - Information Session for Union trades

  10. The M.I.C.

    McDonald’s Restaurant Forced To Pay For People To Interview

    Seems like some of these employers are starting to get the hint that it’s going to take breaking bread to get people out here working again. A Florida McDonald's is paying people $50 just to show up for a job interview, and it's still struggling to find applicants
  11. princeofhaiti

    Does anybody actually write cover letters when applying for jobs???

    I know when I see the option for cover letter in job applications I give the :stopitslime: face Who the hell has time to write a cover letter for each and every job they applying for when more times than not you not liable to get a response back :martin: If it aint zip recruiter or linkedin...
  12. the class

    What can y'all tell me about Albuquerque? May be getting a job there

  13. JadeB

    Any Coli breh currently works a minimum wage job

    We can't all be six figures six certs:yeshrug: I work an inventory job and cashier job at a parking lot. They're ok honestly. Not too hard an enough to survive on rent.
  14. Balla

    Best part time jobs for some fuccin??

    It’s seasonal time and I’m thinking of getting a side job for some extra bread, then I’m thinking might as well have some fun too. I heard call centers have a lot of bytches in there and you can feast, any other part time jobs like that?
  15. Sex Luthor

    Any brehs work or worked at fedex or ups?

    I just got a job at fedex as a package handler (this is the coli so :dame:) for extra money to buy a house and I'm wondering if its a good job or not. It's only 4 hours a day 5 days a week. Good benefits and pay but how is the actual job? I see good things and bad things online so I don't know...
  16. Primetime

    Expat in the Middle East (AMA)

    From my original thread from last year: A few of you guys wanted me to share my experiences so far. I've only been here a month (since end of June) but let's just say it's...
  17. Neuromancer

    Have you ever got a cac fired?

    Share your stories brehs and brehettes. Cause I'm bout to do so.
  18. Neuromancer

    Have you ever turned down a job because it would hurt black people?

    Anyone ever been in this situation? I was interviewing for a job that paid well and would have had amazing benefits. But the group I'd be working under was directly responsible for the misfortune of many black people, espcially black men. Has anyone ever done this before?
  19. Balla

    How did you get your job?

    Indeed is super trash and monster is too. Only thing I haven't tried was Craigslist. Yall used these sites or did yall get put on by someone yall knew?
  20. Balla

    What entry level jobs pay more than 35k a year with no degree ?

    Seen that thread about phlebotomist jobs and heard they get paid 35k without a degree and it ain't shyt, but I never heard what the other jobs are that pay more and are better than them that are entry level. So what are they?