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  1. Rhakim

    Golden State player rankings in annual GM survey

    63.3% of GM's say that Stephen Curry is the best point guard in the NBA (1st). 40% of GM's say that Klay Thompson is the best shooting guard in the NBA (2nd behind Harden). 23.3% of GM's say that Kevin Durant is the best small forward in the NBA (2nd behind Lebron). 16.1 % of GM's say that...
  2. G.O.A.T Squad Spokesman

    I Guess The Russy vs. KD Issue Is Real

  3. Kane

    Kevin Durant gets Rick James tattoo

    :dahell: fukk is going on with this guy?
  4. Archangel

    Say, Whats the Difference Between Dirk Nowitzki & Kevin Durant? :hmm:

    :jbhmm: Both are 7'0. Both are only mainly offensive threats. Both are deadly scorers and can shoot from anywhere. Both have MVPs. Both are average rebounders given their size. Both are not known for their defense. Their games are exactly the same. KD is more athletic obviously and was more...
  5. Archangel

    So Whats the coli's realistic expectations for Steph Curry & the Dubs going in to 2016-2017?

    Now that the offseason is over and we've had time to praise Kyrie and Bron and ridicule Steph and the Warriors, what are your expectations for Steph Curry and the Warriors going into this season? Last year, he averaged - 30.1 ppg----- 6.7 apg----5.4 rpg----2.1 spg---- .504 fg %----.454 3p % -...
  6. G.O.A.T Squad Spokesman

    Kevin Durant's New Tattoo

  7. Gangstar8

    Kevin Durant Diss

  8. FAH1223

    Kevin Durant's Dad: "It's time to be selfish"

    Wayne Pratt gave his son, Kevin Durant, a specific piece of advice before NBA free agency began July 1. He wanted him to do something out of character for the coveted basketball star. “Be selfish.” “‘For once in your life be selfish and think about yourself,’” Pratt said he told his son...
  9. Archangel

    OKC Fans Going IN on Durants restaurant review page

    OKC fans are HEATED:heh: "Reading the reviews the staff seem terrible but the one in the Bay will probably be way better so I can't wait to eat at that one. I have a feeling the new one in the Bay will have championship qualities and will have the resources and help that it couldn't get in...
  10. NYCDaFuture

    Kevin Durant To Golden State Down 3-1 vs Cavs?

    Discuss about Durant signing with Golden State and will you use them on NBA 2K17? #OnlineNationGaming
  11. KingBeez

    Lil B is really a prophet appreciation thread

    Can we take a moment to realize that Lil B "The Basedgod" has gotten multiple events correct? Ima DM him and ask for the lottery numbers :wow:
  12. NYCDaFuture

    #OnlineNationRadio Tonight 6pm Est 646 787 1972 Discuss KD Decision etc

    Yup everyone knows we discuss NBA 2K News and basketball every Monday Nights. But tonight should be special once again.. What do yall think of the decision? 6pm tonight Eastern Time. 646 787 1972 All of yall bums if yall lose with GSW on 2K17 to my Lakers or Knicks lmaoo.. #OnlineNationRadio
  13. FAH1223

    John Wall speaks on Kevin Durant not meeting with the Wizards

    FAIRFAX, Va. -- Nothing is official yet when it comes to Kevin Durant in regards to where he'll play next season, but the Wizards are on the outside looking in while the forward surveys his options outside of the Oklahoma City Thunder. John Wall understands why the hottest free agent this summer...
  14. FAH1223

    #KD2DC: Fundraiser to bring Kevin Durant back to Washington, DC this summer

  15. NYCDaFuture

    Can Thunder Beat The Warriors Game 7? Radio Show at 6pm est tonight. 646 787 1972

    Online Nation Gaming Radio Online Radio by NYCDaFuture Can OKC beat the Warriors tonight Gm7? NBA 2K17 etc. Call in 6pm Est 646 787 1972 #OnlineNationRadio Every Monday Nights Chat that is the link for the chat room Mad people got comments on here etc, say wat yall got on the show tho unless...
  16. Archangel

    If You're an NBA Superstar, Would You Rather....

    Would you rather go to the finals once and win or go to the finals 6 straight times and win once? Lets discuss this.
  17. Kevin Durant vs Tim Duncan

    Kevin Durant vs Tim Duncan

  18. DonKnock

    Getting Rid of Scott Brooks Was The Right Move

    Donovan has made some solid adjustments in this series:yeshrug: Going to Kanter + Adams has been a great look for the Thunder down the stretch here. Putting Ibaka on the bench in key spots was a bold move and Brooks might not have been able to make that call:wow:
  19. Big Boss

    Kevin Durant Told Friends And Family That He's Not Going to Washington

    Scott Brooks has accepted the Washington Wizards' head-coaching job, and you know what's coming next. For weeks Brooks has been perceived as Kevin Durant bait, the ex-coach with the ear of the soon-to-be free-agent star, the connection that could make a difference in a high-stakes courtship...
  20. JordanWearinThe45

    Who would win in a 3 on 3 pick up game? Westbrook/Durant/Ibaka or Curry/Thompson/Green?

    They all pull up at the Rucker, Game 21, win by 2. Who wins?