kevin durant

  1. SnowflakesByTheOZ

    Kevin Durant vs Michael Rapaport

  2. Don Homer

    CONFIRMED: KD got Harden To Leave Houston and Come To Brooklyn

    in response to ppl saying it’s not on KD for Harden coming to BK
  3. FAH1223

    Kevin Durant calls out the NBA’s health and safety protocols

  4. Julien Loki Ahadi

    The ETCs with Kevin Durant: Episode 2: Noah "40" Shebib | 40 gives an interview on KD’s podcast.

    ‎The ETCs with Kevin Durant: Episode 2: Noah "40" Shebib on Apple Podcasts Cliffs: Drake produces more than people know He credits Drake with the iconic underwater sound They still talk about doing a full R&B album He’s always asking Drake to do a short 10 track album, but understands that he...
  5. B

    So Kobe told Russ not to defer to KD

    :mjlol: Now we know why he was playing like that :russ: Kobe fukked they whole shyt up Kobe Bryant told Russell Westbrook not to defer to Kevin Durant Young Sabotage:youngsabo: :childplease:
  6. WMG the 2nd

    Knickstape City has negged me monthly cause KD and Kyrie chose the nets over the knicks

    :mjlol: Ain’t even no nba right now and he still hurt
  7. DillaTUDE

    Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant the "toughest to guard", according to Tony Allen (video)

    The best defender of his era
  8. KD lol

    KD lol

  9. Donald J Trump

    Should Kevin Durant be nerfed in NBA 2k20?

    I mean he is gonna be like 32 coming off a huge injury..why Is he a 96 overall :why:
  10. RammerJammer

    Kevin Durant to sign with the Brooklyn Nets for 4 yrs, $164 million per Woj

  11. Morethan1

    I'll name this offseason thread later: The NBA 2019 Offseason/Free Agency Thread

    If yall have thread titles let me know. But I might just keep it general. @Lord Scarf @CHICAGO @Houston911 sticky please 1. Kevin Durant Player Option / Small Forward / 6-9 / Team: Golden State Warriors 26.0 ppg, 6.4 rpg, 5.9 apg One of the three best players in the NBA. Rumors are swirling...
  12. Big D Bangston

    CONFIRMED: KD has Achilles Injury (GM FAKE crying like a bytch)

    GM says now on ESPN
  13. Roland Coltrane

    so if Steve Kerr "ain't coaching shyt" please enlighten as to why Mark Jackson got fired

    and what he would have done different the last 5 years? :patrice: would Steph have won 2 MVPs? :patrice: would Draymond become what he is right today? :patrice: would Klay become what he is right today? :patrice: would KD have signed with the Warriors eventually? :patrice: inquiring minds...
  14. JesusFOREVER

    Curry slowly becoming Westbrook brehs

    ive seen it all nikkas shot selection is terrible and he ignores so many people when he’ll have 3 guys draped over him to still shoot :russ: I dont give a damn if those are “good shots” for him its the playoffs and your shot aint falling, PASS THE ROCK nikka :stopitslime: I think this is more...
  15. Roland Coltrane

    what is top locking defense?

    I've seen it a lot in the news lately, mostly pertaining to the Clippers strategy in guarding KD. can somebody knowledgeable explain it in layman's terms? I don't understand this shyt :yeshrug: all I can gather is that it has something to do with forcing guys below the three point line
  16. DillaTUDE

    The narrative is slowly changing: NBA Finals changed Stephen A.‘s mind about KD | First Take

  17. J

    Boogie puts Durant on a poster in practice

    He’s on his way back:lupe:
  18. O.T.I.S.

    The King of voiceovers is back: Kevin Durant vs. Draymond Mic'd up - Itsreal85

  19. DillaTUDE

    Kobe Bryant: "Kevin Durant the toughest matchup that I had to deal with outside of TMac"

    On Kevin Durant: On Tracy McGrady: