kevin durant

  1. Don Homer

    Kevin Durant Has Done Absolutely Nothing With His Career Since Leaving Golden State

    Swept in the 1st round TWICE Locked up by Boston. Grant Williams, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown taking turns keeping him in Alcatraz Beat an injured Clippers team (no paul george or Kawhi), and then lost to Denver. Got blown out in a closeout game 6 "FoOt On ThE LiNe" is prolly the best thing...
  2. FAH1223

    Did the Suns get damaged goods? Brad Beal to be re-evaluated for lower back strain in 3 weeks

    So we ain’t going to see the Suns big 3 healthy at all this season? :stopitslime:
  3. DaSk8D00D

    With Beal & KD on the Books, it's Time to Get this Chip | Phoenix Suns 2023-2024 Season Thread

    Gonna be an exciting year for Suns fans with new ownership and an entirely overhauled roster. Ishbia has stated that he wants the Suns to be a world class sports organization and seems willing to spend whatever it takes to do so Even made it easier to watch local games for the people:blessed...
  4. Don Homer

    Let's Not Forget that KD and Booker Managed to Take These Nuggets to 6 Games, LeBron and AD got Swept. KAT and Gobert Took Them to 5

    :sas2: Lebron has been swept in EVERY decade of his career you can add this to the list of blunders such as losing to JJ Barea and Dirk Nowitzki
  5. Don Homer

    This is Exactly Why KD Needed Steph and the Warriors

    Get blown off the map on your home court, brehs :laff: Just so we are clear, KD has only won 2 playoff series since leaving Steph. Steph has won 5, including winning ANOTHER ring (which makes 2 without KD) Guess how many Rings KD has won without Wardell Curry, 2nd iteration. I'll put the poll...
  6. DrexlersFade

    Jalen Rose sends shots at Kevin Durant says you should be spending at minimum a 100 a haircut!!!!!

    Because I know damn well he ain't talking about regular folks he can get all the way the fukk outta here with that shyt. I ain't spending a C Note on no fukking haircut if I was rich :camby:
  7. Aje

    KD Played More Games for BK Than Kyrie Did?

    :russ: We're unlikely to ever see this amount of f*ckery again in our lives.
  8. FAH1223

    James Harden Interview with FOX Sports: "... the other superstar (KD) there wanted to leave. So it's like: Am I still the quitter?"
  9. Don Homer

    Kevin Durant Says That Steph Wasn’t Double-Teamed During His Time With the Warriors EDIT: Steph was Doubled MORE than 7x !

    Kevin blatantly lying for no reason. :aicmon: ofc Teams doubled Steph because they saw him as a bigger threat. Idk y this dude is so salty over his time in GS. Stop being soft EDIT: looks like Steph was doubled more than 7x LMAOOOOO
  10. FAH1223

    Kevin Durant responds to Charles Barkley's TNT comments on ring chasing

  11. Don Homer

    Kevin Durant NEEDS Steph Curry, Steph Curry Doesn’t Need Kevin Durant

    shyt is confirmed at this point. KD has had All-Star teammates, All NBA teammates, future HOFers. He CANNOT win a ring unless he plays with Steph. Steph has more: Finals appearances w/o KD A finals win w/o KD more MVPs than KD Never been swept in a playoff series there’s nothing else to be...
  12. FAH1223

    Who's Food? Official Nets (#7) vs. Celtics (#2) East 1st Round Thread

    -------------------------VS------------------------- Projected Lineups : @papa surf @King P @ExodusNirvana @AJtheOne @Crack Daniels @TR7 @Cantwait @Giant Slide @Amerikan Melanin @K-Apps @Megadeus @Monsanto @JerseyBoy23 @Tupac in a Business Suit @clouddd @Relldaproblem @feelosofer...
  13. Ganso Bomb

    Giannis RISKED HIS CAREER to dominate in the Finals

    This man knee bent backward like an actual deer and he put up Shaq numbers a week later on a torn PCL!!!:damn: I don't wanna hear a goddamn thing about injuries or no foot on no line, your favorite player could never do this.
  14. WMG the 2nd

    Kyrie Irving officially sabotaged the Nets season appreciation thread

    Don’t get vaccinated brehs :mjlol: 8 losses in a row, Nash and WOJ claim they not trading Harden for Simmons, Durant might be out for two or more weeks, Kyrie still can’t play home games, and everybody outside the big three and Patty Mills stinks. meanwhile, the hornets are younger and can...
  15. Drew Wonder

    Halfway through the NBA season, who do you think will win the MVP?

    I think this is one of the closest MVP races I've seen in awhile. A look at the candidates 1. Giannis Antetokounmpo, 28.5 ppg on 54/28/71, 11.3 rebounds, 6.1 assists, Team Record: 27-18 (4th in the East) Absolutely dominant on both ends and the fact that the Bucks are 4th despite all the...
  16. valet

    Kevin Durant sexually harassing Trae Young last night

    I would have at least elbowed him
  17. brickflair

    The Astounding Evolution of Kevin Durant

    Great analysis video by one of the best basketball youtubers :wow: