kevin durant

  1. Archangel

    Smoothest stroke you've ever seen?

    Watching KD ball and was admiring his stroke. He is so long and he makes it so hard to keep a body on him as he rises up. His extension and follow through always leaves the shot so wet the way it tickles the twine. His form is so stiff yet, so effortless. You know when he rises from deep, it's...
  2. Archangel

    Russell Westbrook replies "who" when asked about former teammate Reggie Jackson. KD slick dissin too

    That ether. On top of that, KD said Andre Drummond was the Pistons best player and that Caldwell Pope was their 2nd best player
  3. No..Money..Mo..Problems

    I don't see how the Warriors can beat OKC in the first round anymore

    With OKC's new additions, Super Sabo and Kevin Durant getting to take as much time off as he wants to get healthy I can't see the Warriors beating the Thunder. Not only that but I think they will lose in 6 games or less. The Warriors have some serious flaws they are severely undersized and they...
  4. aboss4real24

    Durant- "I was loyal, if it come down to that. My deals up in 2016, Ive been here 9 yrs"

    Now that Carmelo Anthony is finally ready to shut himself down for the season, the Knicks’ attention can fully turn to remaking their roster. Though there are plenty of moves to be made in the short term, there’s one huge, fortune-reversing signing out there for the summer of 2016 — and not...
  5. Illeye buckmatic

    Oklahoma City Thunder vs Cleveland Cavaliers at 3:30 on ABC

    A clash of two teams that many believed would meet up in the NBA Finals but had their seasons marred by injuries at various points during the season. With both teams finally healthy, this marquee matchup figures to live up to the hype. This game marks the return of 1st team all galaxy superstar...
  6. Raquinotj

    Kevin Durant about to get a $30Mill per Year endorsement deal From Under Armour #RocNation That Boi about to get Paid
  7. NYC Rebel

    KD's lack of a back to the basket game

    I find that the Thunder take way too many jump shots. No one wants to give Tony Allen props for his ball denial on KD last night, but I can't see the Thunder winning it all if KD is forced into being a jump shooter when he can't slash through defenses. It's the absence of a back to the basket...
  8. Lil B & Durant

    Lil B & Durant

  9. Walt

    WTF???? Durant Doesn't Like "Slim Reaper" Nickname, Wants to be Called "The Servant"

    What in the name of The Butler, Aunt Jemima, and Benson is this bullshyt? After the All-Star Game, Kevin Durant sat down for an interview with Grantland's Bill Simmons. Toward the end of their talk, Simmons brought up his...