1. Paradoxical Tiger

    Older women > Younger women? Research shows that the best age to get married is 28-32?

    Per this article I thought the coli preached get ‘em while they young?
  2. ShaneTheRogue

    Stop comparing ourselves to White people when it comes to marriage.

    One of the main things Blacks want to bring up to bring ourselves down is our marriage rates as compared to other races, particularly White folks. But the amount of White Men I encounter that are on their 2nd, 3rd, 4th+ marriage compared to Black men is astronomical. Doesn't constantly taking...
  3. Hathaway

    My Wife & I Just Had a Very Interesting Convo

    We were discussing the Nia Long/Ime scandal and she said "Hathaway, if you ever were to cheat on me, it would be tough for me to forgive you but I can't say I would definitely leave you. But if you ever were to cheat on me with a white woman, that's unforgivable and I'm leaving you and taking...
  4. Piff Tannen

    Asian man almost becomes a member of GMB

  5. DatLBCGuy562

    Wack 100 Explains Perfectly And Logically Why Men Shouldn't Get Married. Why Do People Get Mad At Men For Making Sense?

    There is no benefit for a man to get married. I've been saying this for years. As a result, I've been called an "incel", "bitter" & a "woman hater". Why do people hate other people who think independently and do what's in THEIR best interest and not some woman's? Are the mad because they don't...
  6. Hathaway

    Nobody Cares About How You Feel Black Men

    As I age deeper into my 30s (I'm 32), I understand more and more that this world, even those closest to you, dgaf how you feel. I went through the most traumatic, emotionally/psychologically altering experience of my life these last 2 years; so much so that I entered therapy. All through those...
  7. Hathaway

    People With a Spouse & Kids, Let Me Ask Yall a Question.

  8. It is a mystery

    GMB×3 Man in polygamous relationship marries triplets

    Love wins :win: shoutouts to unity Coli haters who type "gmb" "0 losses" come collect 3 Ls at once Breh really ended up with a cop one, get 2 free deal when it comes to women:banderas:
  9. Mufasa Ahadi

    How many brehs “settled” for their girlfriend / wife? Do you regret it?

    :jbhmm: Add the age that you “settled” & if you made good money or not.
  10. Mr anansi

    Get married or become a rest haven?

    discuss thoughts. choose better...
  11. Cboz78

    Seth Rollins just married a Man.

  12. Rhapsaerys Barkaryen

    How many relationships nowadays do you think started off as casual hookups?

    I'm guessing about 70%
  13. Mufasa Ahadi

    Destroy the traditional family dynamic that has worked for centuries to marry your friend brehettes

    From Best Friends to Platonic Spouses Some people are taking their friendships to the next level by saying “I do” to marriages without sex. First came blood brothers, best friends who would solidify their bond by cutting themselves and swapping a bit of blood. Then came the tiny house...
  14. Bossyyyyy

    So Yall Really not gon get Married?

    Or is #GMB just a Coli saying? :jbhmm: Personally I wanna get married. I want to have kids, I really enjoy my girl, and also think being old and alone just seems wack, whether you got $$ or not. Told my girl me n her gon get married under God, not the government. It was funny after I said...
  15. JadeB

    What causes more fukkery: interracial relationships or interfaith relationships?

  16. R

    Is Dating Plausible These Dayz?

    First I don’t plan to make threads here in this section after this one and I’ll focus more on my hobbies regardless and if IT or something else out there for me to make more money. @patscorpio @Barnett114 i hope we can peace it up as brehs and coli family. I was truly havin an embarrassing manic...
  17. KingZaire_

    Are The Tax Benefits Worth Getting Married?

    We talk about Marriage and if it’s worth it for men to get married in 2021, The biggest benefit I can see for getting married are the tax benefits. You could be losing over 10k a year income just for being single I call it the singles tax. So do you think getting married is worth the risk to...
  18. DatLBCGuy562

    Is Marriage Worth It, For A Man, In 2021?

    I'm struggling to see any benefits for a man to get married in the modern day and age. Any brehs disagree? And, if you do, what do you disagree about? I think the institution of marriage is outdated and antiquated. If nikkas insist on living in the past and throwing your life away/...
  19. C

    Female asking how to set up male babysitter for child support

  20. BornStar

    90% of millionaires are married

    In the book the millionaires next door it claims 90% of millionaires are married. Is this a GMB loss? 70% of divorces are due to financial reasons. Is marriage only for rich folks or does marriage make you rich?:lupe: