1. JadeB

    Karen Bass, a Black woman, will be Los Angeles' next mayor

  2. I

    Andre Dikkens Elected 61st Mayor of Atlanta

  3. Ahadi

    Meet Justin Bibb, Cleveland’s Mayoral Candidate

    The lover of bringing people together, Justin M. Bibb proudly and humbly runs for the post of Mayor of Cleveland in his home country. Justin grew up on the southeast side of Cleveland. As a result of his volatile surroundings as a youngster, he spent much of his time in the library nearby...
  4. I

    Chicago Mayor Only Granting Interviews to Black and Brown Journalist....The Whites Going Spastic

    What about that "brown" coalition.... Ungrateful m'fers. I'd cancel the browns, too.
  5. you're NOT "n!ggas"

    Former Dallas Police Chief David Brown to lead Chicago Police Department

    Former Dallas Police Chief David Brown to lead Chicago Police Department Just caught wind of this a little while ago. All my Chi town folk, watch this muhfukka closely :leostare: :ufdup: Breh is from the hood and highly trained Law Enforcement :usure: He'll prove himself to be effective in...
  6. Pressure

    What do you all think about public official pay

    Should it be full time pay or part time pay? The reason I ask is it seems that only paying a part time salary for mayor - - Charlotte for example only pays 25k to the mayor-- slants representation towards your millionaires. Speak on it.
  7. T

    NYC Mayor Guarantees Comprehensive Health Care for All

    WHAT TO KNOW New York City will begin guaranteeing comprehensive health care to every single resident regardless of ability to pay or immigration status It's not health insurance; it's the city paying for direct comprehensive care for those who can't afford it or are undocumented The $100M plan...
  8. B

    So this just happened in New Haven, IN

    Let me break this down for you. Here you have a guy dressed as Donald Trump & a white lady dressed in blackface. What you don't know is, this guy is named Robert "Bob" Nelson & he is running for mayor of the city. Now check out his weak ass apology. The bıtch in the picture looks like an...
  9. MostReal

    Cacs withhold city keys from Georgia mayor

    African-American Mayor In Georgia Can't Get The Keys To His Office Listen to Interview inside article
  10. Jimi Swagger

    The Questionable Imperative for a Black Mayor in Atlanta

    Charles Doyle wears a hat decorated with an image of Atlanta city councilwoman and mayoral candidate Keisha Lance Bottoms as she speaks at an election night party in Atlanta. The Questionable Imperative for a Black Mayor in Atlanta The possibility that Atlanta could see its first white mayor...
  11. Jimi Swagger

    The Day Harold Washington Died...

    It has been 30 years since Chicago bid farewell to the mayor who broke the Democratic machine and became a beacon of hope for thousands. In remembering the man and the moment, those close to him reveal how keenly his loss is still felt. A police officer outside the mayor’s office wipes away...
  12. Jimi Swagger

    Morehouse graduate becomes mayor of Alabama's largest city

    BIRMINGHAM, AL Randall Woodfin, a 2003 graduate of Morehouse College in Atlanta, will run Alabama's largest city after he beat out incumbent William Bell to become mayor of Birmingham. Woodfin is now the youngest mayor of the city since 1893. According to WBRC, he served on the Birmingham...
  13. Black Panther

    Black Politics in Post-Ferguson St. Louis Just Took A Massive L :snoop:

    This article explains it perfectly, but let me break it down: -St. Louis City just held primary elections for the Democratic candidate for the mayoral election. Mayor Francis Slay said he wasn't running for another term (he's been STL's longest serving mayor in history). He endorsed Alderwoman...
  14. R

    Baton Rouge Mayor honors woman who rescued injured officer that was beaten by CAC

    BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A Good Samaritan is credited with stepping in and rescuing a Baton Rouge Police officer who was being attacked by a suspect during a traffic stop. The Baton Rouge Police Department gave a special thank you on its Facebook page to Vickie Williams-Tillman, 56, for...
  15. SirReginald

    DEBATE OF THE DAY: Should Convicted Felons Have THE RIGHT To Vote?

    Aight, I'm in Virginia and my governor just restored convicted felons voting rights. Should convicted felons vote down the line? Yes. However, I feel they have to earn that by being productive in society and etc for a certain length of time. So, what are your thoughts on this? Basically, I...
  16. Idaeo

    Filipino Mayor Jokes About Dead Gang Rape & Murder Victim On Stage

    A Filipino mayor who built a reputation for fighting crime has apologised for a rape comment that caused a political storm and could dent his chances of winning the presidency in an election three weeks away. Rodrigo Duterte, the frontrunner in the polls, issued a statement on Tuesday saying he...
  17. M

    Police & Officials Resign After Small Missouri Town Elects First Black Female Mayor

    Most of the police force and several officials resigned after the small town of Parma, Missouri elected its first African American woman as mayor, reported KFVS. Tyrus Byrd, a former city clerk, was officially sworn in as mayor on Tuesday after beating incumbent Randall Ramsey. Ramsey had...
  18. SirReginald

    TOPIC OF THE DAY: Would Any Of You Ever Run For Political Office?

    I always wanted to ask y'all who think the same as me, "would you ever run for political office"? Me personally :jawalrus: only thing I would run for would be governor or mayor. However, I feel that I would have to more things to help people like volunteer. Have any of you thought of doing this?
  19. M

    MEXI-RAQ? Mexican Mayor Murdered One Day After Taking Office

    Move to Mexico brehs :huhldup: Mexican Mayor Murdered One Day After Taking Office A newly installed mayor in a municipality close to Mexico City was shot and killed outside her home by four gunmen. Gisela Mota, the newly elected mayor of the Mexican city of Temixco, has been murdered just one...