1. K

    A Nigerian Official Fake Fainted after He Was Grilled about Missing Funds

  2. I

    Brehs...I'm feeling this Goofy Nigerian Chick....

    I can tell she a freak. :ahh:
  3. SirReginald

    In Nigeria, Igbo Jews Ae Facing Anti-Semitism

    In Nigeria, Igbo synagogues burned and bulldozed amid broader civil unrest November 13, 2020 By David Ian Klein At least six Igbo synagogues have been razed by soldiers in Nigeria’s River State, a part of the country’s Biafra region, according to 9Africa news. The Biafra region has been an area...
  4. 987654321

    Which accent is more seductive? Video/poll

    Nigerian vs Jamaican I was melted butter halfway through. I can listen to this shyt all day. No I don’t follow “Blavity”. It was on the explore/discover thing.
  5. you're NOT "n!ggas"

    Nigerian student joins black fraternity in "Tazmanian Devil" [Trailer]

    I'm intrigued :ehh: Doesn't look to be that "Diaspora War" bullshyt so much of yall crave so sorry :shaq2: No JOHN BOYEGA features to speak of either :upsetfavre: It was apparently shot in Dallas though :ehh:
  6. jeff8

    Nigerian woman says that women who have boyfriends should not decline dates

    Don’t decline a date because you have a boyfriend – Lady advises single ladies By Papaga Bless - October 28, 2019 11 Most ladies are fond of declining a date from other men just because they have a boyfriend. Well, a lady by name Oge Nsimah has advised her fellow ladies to desist from this...
  7. King Static X

    The 6'10" Nigerian that played "the Alien" from Alien (1979)

    He was actually 6'10" not 7'3". (Bolaji in London during the 1970s) Unfortunately, Bolaji died in 1992 of sickle cell anemia in Nigeria at the age of 39. However, his legacy lives on forever even though he is not widely known. Salute to him! Rest in power Bolaji. You can read more...
  8. LightSkinYeshua

    Is this my fault?

    Few weeks ago some girl I use to talk to posted a snap of her new man. I was like damn i hope they do not make it. Why that nikka died last week. Is it my fault brehs? :sadcam: Do i have the ability to kill anyone i want? :lupe: Is it just a coincidence? :jbhmm: How long should i wait to...
  9. J

    Americans Try Nigerian Food

  10. M

    Nigerian tribal stereotypes

    Nigerian Tribes Stereotypes - Culture - Nigeria Is this true? Do Yoruba women have the fatty?:mjgrin:
  11. M

    Why are Igbo Nigerians so good at football?

    :ohhh: Go through all 32 NFL teams and I guarantee there's at least 3 Nigerian players on the team. Most of them, if not all, will be Igbo, although there's a minority of Yoruba players. Even at the NCAA level there's a shytload of Igbo players. There's a lot of Igbo NBA players as well, but...
  12. C

    Bobrisky, The Most Famous Nigerian Social Media Personality Says he Wishes He was Born a Girl!

    Bobrisky is the male Barbie all your friends are following on social media. Both sexes love him for the kind of expensive and entertaining stories he communicates. Recently, Bob took to his Facebook account to thank God for his life and also to share his one wish-- to be born a girl...
  13. SheWantTheD

    "You Are Too Light To Be African", "You Don't Look African"

    Both are my parents are Nigerian and I hear this bullshyt often. Told a white female co-worker last week that my family is Nigerian, and she told me "But you're light-skinned". :snoop: I work with Haitian people and they assumed I wasn't from Africa. I remember talking to this one latina...
  14. CrownHeights

    Race riots targeting African students in India

    :jbhmm:It seems our African brehs aren't getting any love over in India. What do you guys think? Theguardian Update: Video released
  15. Jimi Swagger

    Author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie faces backlash for suggesting transgender women are not real women

    Chimamanda being asked about trans women is like Lena Dunham being asked about Black women. It doesn't work. We can speak for ourselves,' says critic Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has sparked outrage for suggesting transgender women are not real women. The feminist author’s argument stems from the...
  16. SirReginald

    DAMN, This PRO Black Chick Is FINE (5-Star Worthy CHICK :wow:)

    She's Nigerian :wow:
  17. HopeKillCure

    Be an Acutal Rich, Famous, Elite Athlete Who's also a Nigerian Prince, Brehs. (Uk/Nigerian man dem)

    Someone come explain this BamiDele Alli to me:jbhmm: Where did he come from and why has nobody heard of man until 2 years ago:wtb: Ya'll Nigerians claiming him? How is this nikkah a prince, and could he be King of the Yoruba tribe???:merchant: "...Kenny Alli revealed how the Tottenham...
  18. Celerii

    De'Laila Eyitemi

    nigerian and lebanese :wow:......and one of my fave youtubers. (i'm comming fur u stomakklynez:mjgrin:) ....and her vlogs are actually quite entertaining :ehh:
  19. M

    Can we bring The Nigerian back?

    yeah, he fukked up by threatening to sue thecoli and all. but we never got to see his BBW, face sitting porn :skip:
  20. Kane

    Rate this thick Naija girl brehs