1. SirReginald

    We Bout To Go To War With Iran. #GetReady

    :snoop: distraction to secure Trump a wnd term.
  2. Ya' Cousin Cleon

    America Is an Oligarchy. It Doesn’t Have to Be.

    Just three men have more wealth than 160 million Americans. We're ruled by a rigged system designed to exploit the many for the benefit of the few. United States is the richest society in human history. As is well-known by most of the people who live in it, it’s also a country of deep and...
  3. SirReginald

    UPDATE: Teen Who Killed 5 Of His OWN Family Members To Be Sentenced As Juvenile (White Privilege)

    UPDATE 2018 White Paradise
  4. JahFocus CS

    How Obama Destroyed Black Wealth [Jacobin article]

    Intro: Excerpt: Full article
  5. SirReginald

    Yall Gotta Realize That White People Are A Joke (GLOBALLY), But Unlike Us (Blacks) They Stay On Code

    Before I start this thread I'd like to say that reading up on foreign political assassinations (Aldo Moro of Italy 1978) inspired me to make this thread. Listen, I know yall don't take me seriously like yall used to. Anyway, I'm about to bounce, but before I go I wanted to get this off my...
  6. SirReginald

    "Trickle-Down Economics/Oligarchy STRIKES BACK" Walmart To Buy Bonobos For $310M

    Full article in the link. Crony-Capitalism and greed strikes again :snoop:
  7. SirReginald

    Verizon Looking To Purchase Comcast Or Charter (We Are At WAR With THESE People)

    Prices will go up and consumers will have LESS choices :sadpaul: The CEO's will get richer because of the merger and the peasants get poorer :mystery: Also, more propaganda will be pushed. NOTHING good comes from this. Whole article in link, but I'll quote the important part. Also, Comcast...
  8. SirReginald

    WHY Can't We DISCUSS The Real Issue Of "CLASS WARFARE"? (1% VS 99%)

    LAST THREAD FOR AWHILE You know, I just got back home from Subway. On my way back, I was thinking about this issue of class warfare :francis: Since I have discussed the Black community often I figure I should be fair :manny: @Papa Shango in the flesh and @wickedsm you guys are right about...
  9. SirReginald

    Native American Activist Faces 20 YEARS IN PRISON For False Charge

    THIS is SO SAD :snoop: Oligarchy and the 1% thieves are at it AGAIN :pacspit: #FreeRedDawn
  10. SirReginald

    The Black Community Has Some DEEP SOUL SEARCHING To DO

    I told some coli brehs yesterday that I was going to make this thread. It's mainly a call to action thread of some sorts :manny: Listen, we as a Black or AA Community (myself included) have to use better logic. Take this past election for example. We had MANY people tapdance for Hillary...
  11. SirReginald

    Wanna To Learn About Crony-Capitalism/OLIGARCHY? (Watch "INSIDE JOB")

    I bought the movie a year ago on Fios. Still have it because I own the copy. You guys should watch it. Hopefully, when Trump gets in there he will jail the Bankers who crashed our economy :mjlol: Anyway, you will learn something if you watch that :smugfavre: Then, you will understand why I...
  12. SirReginald

    PURE GREED Deal: AT&T-Time Warner $85 Bill Making Some POLITICIANS MAD (We Gotta STOP THIS DEAL)

    More greed and AT&T just bought out DirecTV a year and a half ago :francis: I wonder how this will affect the workers :francis: Oh yeah, higher prices and corporate media being owned by less than 10 companies :snoop: This deal HAS to be killed. Trump and Sanders agree on this shyt. However...
  13. SirReginald


    Nobody sees anything wrong with this? Just sad more greed and more mainstream junk to polute the 99% minds :snoop:
  14. SirReginald

    The TV News Is Mostly Negative (It's ALWAYS About Killing, Corruption, and Poverty)

    Back in the day (40's -60's) you would see some news stories on how someone saved kids from a burning fire or saving a cat. Now, besides one or two positive stories you always hear something negative :snoop: In some ways, I think there is an agenda behind it. I'm not saying it's not...
  15. SirReginald

    School Has MADE Kids MORE STUPID Than Ever Before (These New Kids Are PRONE To Be Stupid)

    EXCLUDING COLLEGE, public school k-12 has some piss-poor education. You do know you don't even have to pass Social Studies or Math to move on right :snoop: I've learned more in college than I ever did highschool. Why don't we teach our kids about oligarchy in atleast highschool :patrice: Is...
  16. SirReginald

    Will The United States EVER BE "Democratic" & NOT Ruled By Corporations/Oligarchs?

    I wanted to ask you guys this today. So, do you ever see the United States being a TRULY Democratic society where it's not ruled by corporations:jbhmm: Because it seems that every decade we have a fight to defeat something. In some ways, I think the oligarch rule may come to an end in years...
  17. SirReginald

    Oil Company Trying To SCREW OVER The Native Americans (1000 Natives PROTEST ND Pipeline)

    Billionaire Oligarchs are at it AGAIN :snoop:
  18. SirReginald

    Hate To Say It, But ONLY A Trump Presidency Will STOP The Oligarchy (YES, Innocent People Will Die)

    NO, this is not a good thing and I'm not voting for him :snoop: May just vote 3rd party. However, if atleast with him shyt will hit the fan and people can fight even more :francis: The powers that be won't listen until it hurts their pockets :mjcry: Sad to say, but the innocent are gonna get...
  19. SirReginald

    Why Can't We Just Admit That We Live In An OLIGARCHY? (With An Illusion Of Choice)

    I HATE when people say we live in a democracy because that isn't the case :snoop: Hell, I HATE when people say we have just for all :stopitslime: We live in an oligarchy with oligarchs in control. They infiltrate your government and etc. They are corporations and billionaires :francis: You...