1. saturn7

    OWWWWWW! PA mall robber suffers broken pelvis, tailbone after leaping from second floor

  2. CopiousX

    Ask a nikka who just ate a whole teaspoon of wasabi anything

    I didn't think it was that bad, so I just said fck it. Straight no chaser. No sides.:yeshrug: I regret that decision...:mjcry: My nose feels like it wants to jump off my face. Dude behind counter is laughing it me. Mater from cars was right. It hurts alot. Hallp!!!:damn::damn::damn:
  3. ThrobbingHood

    This 14 second video encapsulates black men’s pain!

    I don’t know what breh was going through but I definitely felt it. We’ve all been there. :mjcry:
  4. King Crimson

    All Gas, No Brakes! - 2021 New York Jets Off-Season thread

    The GM: The coach: The Offensive Coordinator: The Defensive Coordinator: The Quarterback: 16-0 --> First round bye --> AFC Championship --> Super Bowl Champions
  5. Homey the clown

    Currently in the hospital waiting for surgery for a gallstone

    Starting last Thursday I had been having some pain in my stomach area and was taking Ibuprofen for the pain. Well this past Thursday the pain got so bad, Ieft work early and went home. Well it was hard to sleep because when I lay down that's when it hurts the most. So I got up yesterday...
  6. K

    Where's the official NCAA Selection Sunday thread? Can this be it?

    Huh? Yeah? Guys? :mjcry:
  7. Jean Jacket

    Question for the Ladies... Is Sex Love and Pain the Holy Relationship Trinity?

    I've been with my woman for 18 years now. I fukk her good. I bolster her dreams and efforts with my earnings, and time. I put everything on the table for her, and I don't have any meekness about how I move as a man. I protect her honor, open her doors, shield her every step when we are out of...
  8. Da_Eggman

    Got More Picks Than A Little Bit:The Miami Dolphins 2019 Season Thread

    "A loss ain't a loss, it's a lesson" — Shawn Carter @Samson @Remote @intruder v6.1 @madness @Da_Eggman @Stepintoaworld @Meh @Sauce Dab @number21 @Alexander The Great @SoulController @Ain't That Something @mcellas @Freddie.Cane @d o L o b @He Who Posts Well @Alpha Dog I can’t see...
  9. RehReh

    Little Accidents = Big Pain

    Why God? I slammed my finger in the car door and was reminded how in just a few seconds you can really fukk ur self up. I’m surprised it is still attached tbh Why do those quick accidents hurt like hell Eg Biting ur tongue/ inside of your mouth Stubbing your little toe on the corner of the...
  10. Columbo

    You ever had a girl be too rough with you?

    Happened to me twice, same thing both times Both times the girls were being too rough with my balls, squeezing them :huhldup: It feels incredible when bytches do it right but when theyre not gentle enough:damn:
  11. Kane

    Get a root canal brehs :to:

    So basically, in like November I started experiencing some slight pain in my chewing teeth. Nothing I haven't felt before from time to time, so I ignore it. Eventually it goes from a slight twinge to excruciating pain, I mean pain so bad that I couldn't even go to sleep at night. :wow: I'd just...
  12. DrX

    If you have an GF, wife or family you'll never achieve your dreams, PERIOD!

    I've came to the conclusion, if u want to do great things and reach your ultimate destination in life you must detach yourself from any and everybody. That includes having a girlfriend or wife. That time that you could be using to perfect your craft is going to her. A female will always keep u...