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    Do you have to pay royalties/give credits for recreating a song's beat & sampling its melody?

    So basically, I recreated this EXACT beat by myself (not that hard, this was a simple R&B beat) and used the exact same melody as the lyrics, instead of Doin Just Fine the song is called Touch You All Night:skip: I didn't sample in the "traditional" sense, so would it be grounds for giving...
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    How does one become an adult contemporary R&B producer/songwriter in this day & age?

    Through my mom & grandma, I grew up listening to the classics i.e. Vandross, Boyz II Men, the Leverts, Gap Band, Anita Baker, Otis Redding, Brian McKnight, etc. I'm a fan of the more romantic "hold your hand, buy you roses" type of R&B music that the guys above brought, not the freaky...
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    How are there 2 million more black women in America, yet 360k more married black men?

    23.5 million BW, compared to 21.5 million BM I need answers, even with the "baby mama" argument this seemingly makes no logical sense :patrice:
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    Will adult contemporary R&B ever make a comeback?

    The 702 thread had me thinking In the 90s, it was nothing for a label to find a talented group of young black singers, get them in the booth, put a video or two on VideoSoul and have them go gold/platinum Obviously, we've seen the wave of these groups die off, the theories as to why are...
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    Yo I just signed up for

    I'm deadass flabbergasted at all the pretty black women that live in my area that are looking for black men:ohhh: Where the hell these females be hiding at in the daytime?:sadcam: I expected it to be on some Tagged/POF shyt and did a search and got blown out my fukking socks
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    @The5thLetter I'm sorry babe.

    @The5thLetter I know what I did was wrong, baby I just wanna get back in your good graces you feel me? My heart is in your pocket bae. I just wanna cuddle up next to you with a glass of white wine with some K-Ci & Jojo playing in the background while you confide in me about your past pain and...
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    10 Great Reasons To Save Sex Until Marriage

    10 Good Reasons to Save Sex Until Marriage
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    Why women love jerks, and why you should be a nice guy anyway

    By Duana C. Welch, Ph.D., author of Love Factually: 10 Proven Steps from I Wish to I Do, available now Your thoughts?:jbhmm:
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    Ladies, how do you feel about dudes that like to excessively kiss/eat the p*ssy?

    Like the dude wants to spend 30-45 minutes making out and holding each other and another 1.5-2 hours eating the p*ssy?:patrice:
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    What is the line between romance & simping?

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE buying girls flowers (red roses on first dates, petunias to her job after we've been dating for a while, white roses for special occasions i.e. birthdays, anniversaries, new job, etc.) I like buying girls gifts (not too expensive as I'm just an 18 year old college student, but...
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    Drake Debuts His Love for Sade on his Body- CONFIRMED

    It's not really a secret that Drake has been a huge admirer of English singer/songwriter Sade, 58, because, with Drake, if he likes something he's not shy about letting the world know about it (see Rihanna, the Raptors, etc.) It's also no secret that the man is a lover of getting his body etched...