1. DaSk8D00D

    Have yall ever had a GF or significant other watch you romance someone in an RPG?

    I was reminded of a funny incident back when my ex lived with me and we would play Fallout 4 all the time. One day she saw me rest and noticed that I romanced Currie and got in her feelings because she personally related more to Cait and felt like I shoulda chose her instead:mjlol: :mjlol...
  2. NoirDynosaur

    The fantasy is better than the reality

    When I was younger I used to desire relationships and falling in love. Was enamored by what the fantasy of puppy love. Wanted to experience what love actually was. I used to write a lot of poems regarding love. I think men are more romantic than women. Look throughout history, the most...
  3. M

    This is how you pull dimes in 2022, straight talk from a baddie

    Sis giving out game to you nikkas :wow: :russ::russ::russ::russ::russ: bytch gone somewhere
  4. NoirDynosaur

    Aromanticism - Repulsed by the idea of romance

  5. Lootpack

    Luca Guadagnino’s ‘Bones & All’ | Official Thread | (Starring Taylor Russell, Timothée Chalamet) 11/24

    New Luca :blessed: We Are Who We Are was one of the best shows of 2020. Y’all been warned of greatness. :ufdup: Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross on the score :whew:
  6. Luken

    Getting your dikk sucked under candle light appreciation

  7. Dog Based Gremlin

    Is it depressing having no girlfriend ya whole school experience?

    Im talking K-12 Whose fault is that? I been GMB before being GMB was a thang, plehboi :birdman:
  8. Luken

    Girls that swallow on the first date/night appreciation :wow:

    ughhhhhhhh.....this shyt be romantic as hell. :wow: Like girl you dont even know me like that but your swallowing my seed :wow: I could have aids or the clap but you dont even care :wow: like your literally swallowing the elixir for life and the continuation of my bloodline right now...
  9. Luken

    Spin: Women love when a nikka beats up someone for them

    *yes clickbait title for plat thread :yes:* based on that thread with the brehito beating up the breh for looking at his wife. i've seen it happen multiple times at multiple venues. after it happens they get those unmistakable bedroom/horny eyes. nothing turns a girl on like a good...
  10. Luken

    Girls that won't let you hold their hand during head unappreciation

    These new girls don't like romance anymore :smh: There's no greater feeling/connection than holding her hand like this as she gives you head :blessed::ahh::banderas::wow: Now a days, when I go for the hand the girl slaps it away and says something to the likeness of "eww nikka are you...
  11. M

    What is the point of clowning men who wife hoes?

    It's a thought that came to my mind:ohhh: Back in 06, Brittany was the chick on campus acting mad bougie during the day, but hitting the parties at night, getting bust down by Que dawgs & taking the Walk of Shame. Years later, you see her on Facebook with a Tyler Perry protagonist looking ass...
  12. M

    So do women appreciate affectionate, romantic men or not?

    Excuse me but I'm a youngbul wet behind the ears :mjgrin: My ideal romance is a Carl Thomas album. Love letters, poetry, roses for no reason, spoiling her with gifts, rubbing her feet when she comes home and asking about her day, conversations about her wants, fears, dreams and desires, making...
  13. M

    What are you looking for in a life partner?

    :jbhmm: We ALL want love & appreciation from the opposite sex. If you say you don't, you're either lying, or dealing with deep seated depression. We like to go back & forth about people on social media having unrealistic standards, but what are YOU looking for in a potential lover?:mjgrin: For...
  14. M

    Black men REALLY need to stop chasing obese white women

    shyt is disgusting & reinforces stereotypes :hhh: However, what if I like fat black women?:lupe: The warmth & softness of their arms, thighs, big belly & overall body is so sensual to me. Plus, I like large breasts & a big, soft, jiggly booty & big girls usually have both:yeshrug: I don't...
  15. M

    Where are the West African women at?

    :mjcry: Something in my heart is calling me towards a West African soulmate. I took a DNA test and found out I'm 41% Ivorian/Ghanaian & 23% Benin/Togolese, and ever since I can't get them off my mind. For some reason I can't find NONE in Miami:why: There's a teller at my bank from Benin, she's...
  16. M

    One of the lowkey sexiest things about black women

    When y'all wrap yall hair up at night:noah:
  17. M

    Brehettes, could you date a man with a small/average sized penis?

    :mjcry:A friend is doing research
  18. M

    How do black women want black men to approach them?

    Before y'all sharpen the pitchforks, hear me out I'm getting ready to move from Miami to Alabama for college. Since I am an obedient child of God and therefore adhere to biblical scripture, I am waiting to engage in sexual intercourse until I meet that special girl for me and we achieve...
  19. M

    If black men had more financial success, would black love thrive?

    A common theme I see among most black feminists is that black men aren't "providers & protectors." The definition of that depends on your personal compass, but to me, based on implied context, it means "Black men can't provide us with the lifestyle that white people on TV have." They obviously...
  20. M

    Black women of the Coli, enter this thread

    I recently lost a load of weight and got a chemical peel, and I now feel confident enough at age 19 to begin cold approaching women. Since I prefer black women, I thought I'd do some market research, if you will. 1. What are your thoughts on random men striking up conversation with you in...