1. Vice Queen

    Freddie Prinze Jr. Wants to Start a Wrestling Promotion

  2. LightSkinYeshua

    If a female does not want to have kids, what is her worth?

    Do not get me wrong, im not an incel. However, females nowadays do not want to have kids. If they do not want to be nurturers as they were designed to be, why should men uphold the role as providers? Aren’t we providors for her AND THE CHILDREN we have together? Why do we need to provide for...
  3. Rhakim

    Historical beefs #3: Robert Smalls vs. the Confederates

    Here ya go. Robert Smalls was born to Lydia Polite, an enslaved woman, in 1839. He started working in outside labor from the age of 12 but could only keep a dollar a week and had to give the rest to the damn master. He sought out work on the docks cause he loved the sea, and eventually worked...
  4. M

    I’ve been thinking about this for a long time and I think I now really want marriage

    If at the very least so that hopefully random one night sex can be exciting again (with something on the line) And also because it’s the normal thing to do and I don’t want to be that lame flappy bachelor 45 year old uncle at the family cookouts with a different woman each time
  5. Ya' Cousin Cleon

    South Africans brehs ain't playing: General Strike shutting down Citites and Towns

    South African Strike Shuts Plants, Disrupts Public Transport "Minimum wage is ‘slave labor’: SA Federation of Trade Unions" A strike by South African unions to demand an increase to the proposed national minimum wage shut down vehicle manufacturing plants and disrupted public transportation...
  6. Uitomy

    Considering becoming an electrician....questions.

    So I've been doing my due diligence looking up trades and decided that I'll go for being an electrician. I live in Upper Marlboro, MD so from what i can see IBEW 26 is the local union to go to. I have a BA from UCF and im 22. Just wanted to ask for any that know if this is a good time to apply...
  7. Ya' Cousin Cleon

    West Virginia teachers strike set to end after governor announces deal

    West Virginia teachers will return to school Thursday after going on strike last week, Gov. Jim Justice said Tuesday. Under Justice's proposed deal, all state employees will receive a 3 percent raise, with employees working in education receiving an additional 2 percent raise, CBS affiliate WOWK...
  8. JP_614

    Any one part of a union ??

    Anybody part of a union??? If so my company I work for is part of the IBEW Union here in Hawaii our contract is up in October so lots of talks going around on changes employees want to see. My section doesn’t have a shop steward so I decided to take the role cause I don’t mind going to the...
  9. Jimi Swagger

    A Public Option for Jobs - Federal Job Guarantee

    For you finance and public policy wonks. Introduced by Duke University Economics professor William "Sandy" Darity. Viewer's Digest: Proposed plan mandates effective Universal Minimum Wage and ensures everyone will have an opportunity to hold jobs with guaranteed number of hours. Current...