Chris Jones & Deneese done bought a mansion :wow: #BlackExcellence


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Apr 30, 2012
Who's that guy that does documentaries on the obscure subcultures of YouTube and certain chanels' decline.
I think he did one on the "Delray Misfits".

I want a documentary on Chris Jones,but it must be done AFTER this "spiritual guru" phase.

I have a theory on average looking guys getting money, muscles and social status and thus women, in a short space of time.
Meaning the transformation of a lame/nerd to a bonafide jock

My theory is :

a naturally good looking breh (face and height wise :dame:) knows that he is desirable due to his genetics, which is literally his genetic coding(chances being one or both his parents were also also good looking).

So good looking guys can handle the vanity of the sexual/dating market and the nature of the modern consumerist Capitalist society.

Because being good looking is both the highest social ranking one gets socially but also the most vane.
Good looking people in general are superficial and thus the addition of abstract value like money, muscles fame, social status is just an addition to who and what they already are.

Guys like Chris Jones are or have been socially awkward, average looking their entire lives and are thus low ranking in the social hierarchy.

but once he builds himself up, gets a great physique (after years and years of training and nutrition) and becomes a 6 to 7 figure high income breh, he all of a sudden attracts or is put in a position (social ranking) that is not natural to him.
He is perceived as a jock, even though he's spent his entire life living as a lame/nerd/social outcast.

Pawgs and pretty women (that naturally cause him anxiety by just their mere presence) are all of a sudden choosing on him, "fellow" Jocks wanna socialize with him, but deep down he knows he's not really one of them. He doesn't have the same jock wit and humor, nor the mental fortitude and confidence of a man who has been attractive his entire life.

he pseudo-Jock even attracts an amazing pretty girl (Deneese),probably his first and only incarnation to a healthy functional relationship. But he still thinks and rightfully knows that she wouldn't have checked for him if he didn't have an upward trajectory as far as his business, phsyque and overall social status is concerned.

So in order to get away from it all(kill the new ego/persona) , he self sabotages his new "role model" image, and seeks ANYTHING else that makes him feel normal /human this case "new age spirituality".

I've seen this play out with many different people people accross all walks of life.
It's not as straight forward, there's a gang of other factors, including the relationship the man has with his father, family dynamics, class etc

But you can apply and or add to this theory, but if you apply to a lot of people who fit the bill, you'll see the pattern repeat itself all the time. :jbhmm:
Imposter syndrome is the term

Often used to explain people getting promoted to jobs in business that they don’t deserve


Apr 30, 2012
Deneese sighting:leon:

He seems back to normal in this one and his last few videos. Hopefully he got his mind right.

i guess she still works there and does some of his videos. I figured she was gone.


Nov 17, 2017

At least he did admit before that he didn’t want to get married and didn’t plan to have kids, so he gets somewhat of a pass. He should have kept this all to himself though.

Not talking about him, but I just can’t stand nikkas who preach marriage and end up cheating like crazy behind their chick’s back.