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Dec 2, 2015
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I'm a non-traditional student who will graduate from a great university in 2026. I'll use this post (and a number of other mechanisms) to hold myself accountable.

High school dropout. Previously attended a two-year school but never believed in what I was doing. Used to be president of honors societies and such but never really felt like I had everything "together." I had this vision of myself as put together and unflappable. I wanted to be "that dude" in every possible way. As a result, I kept putting off school and life.

I've never struggled finding a gig or making money. Been in the six-figure club for almost a decade. Had jobs working for big tech companies and jobs requiring CIA polygraphs. Lived in a number of tier-one and tier-two cities including LA, DC, Atlanta, and now San Fran. Flown business class to places like France and Switzerland, rode first-class carriages through the Alps. Lounged in Davos and Zurich.

Nevertheless, I've always felt like I was doing the current thing until I got my stuff together enough to do the real thing. I've never really taken my career or life seriously. I don't mind quitting jobs or getting fired. I've, in many ways, avoided committing to anything or anyone in the hopes of someday being "put together" enough to truly do this thing called life the "right" way. I've intentionally kept my salary lower than possible to avoid the responsibility and time commitment necessary to command a higher one.

Earlier this year I decided that if I didn't do this right now, I'll never do it. And if I never do it, or even attempt it, I'll never live it down. I'll have wasted all this time with nothing to show for it.

Interviewed for a bay area gig, got the offer, and relocated to San Fran with the primary purpose of finishing school at one of the local colleges. Goal is transferring to a great University.

I'm not really motivated by "moving up" the ladder in my current occupation, it does nothing for me. As a result, I find a lot of school situations undesirable. I have no interest in simply finishing college, I could've done that years ago. Instead I'm trying to go all out.

Proving how far I can go. I've always been told "you should be at Harvard" or whatever. Might be some high-school shyt, but I want to, need to see.
I'm into analysis, policy, moving shyt forward. Most serious positions require a certain type of education (not just a degree).
Corny, but it fits my vision of being this complete person. An erudite man of letters, married to a sweet female intellectual. It's my vision.

UC Berkeley/LA/SD

UC Irvine Honors/Santa Barbara/Santa Cruz
University of Arizona Honors Program
Santa Clara/Gonzaga/Loyola Marymount