1. Ya' Cousin Cleon

    Ambulance Drivers/Attendants only make about $30K a year

    And that's only in Nevada Ambulance Driver or Attendant Salary: Latest Wage and Compensation Trends in Your Area. In Ohio they don't even scrape $20K Capitalism :scust:
  2. Jimi Swagger

    ACLU accuses rehab work camp: human trafficking, bedbugs, no treatment

    By Amy Julia Harris and Shoshana Walter / November 1, 2017 For years, Raymond Jones has built his businesses around drugs – first as a meth dealer :lolbron:, then as the founder of a nonprofit drug rehab called Drug and Alcohol Recovery Program. Rather than providing treatment, Jones puts...
  3. Jimi Swagger

    How Money Became the Measure of Everything

    Two centuries ago, America pioneered a way of thinking that puts human well-being in economic terms. Eli Cook Money and markets have been around for thousands of years. Yet as central as currency has been to so many civilizations, people in societies as different as ancient Greece, imperial...
  4. Jimi Swagger

    Why Workers Are Losing to Capitalists

    Automation and offshoring may be conspiring to reduce labor's share of income. Maybe he had a point. Back in April, I wrote about one of the most troubling mysteries in economics, the falling labor share. Less of the income the economy produces is going to people who work, and more is going...
  5. Ya' Cousin Cleon

    "Silicon Valley manifestoes boil down to who can write the best defense of our neo-feudal future"

    Library Genesis: Evgeny Morozov - The net delusion: the dark side of Internet freedom
  6. Jimi Swagger

    Status Anxiety Documentary

    Long but interesting. Apologies if this was posted before. Watch at your leisure. 32:00-35:50 This dude is ill :lolbron: 37:40 - 39:50 Almost defunct Baltimore steel mill. That privilege/entitlement. 40:20 - 43:45 "Jesus became poor so we can be rich on Earth." - Philadelphia pastor...
  7. Jimi Swagger

    Wal-Mart wants to send people into your house to stock the fridge when you're not home

    A Wal-Mart store in Landover, Md. The retail giant is testing a service that would allow customers to use smart-home technology to remotely open the door for delivery workers and watch a livestream of the delivery. Delivery workers who drop off Wal-Mart groceries may soon also bring them into...
  8. Ya' Cousin Cleon

    Trump taking away ya overtime [working] brehs

    In attacking overtime pay, Trump is hurting his biggest fans The Trump administration has canceled hundreds of Obama-era regulations since taking power. Now, it's taking aim at the former president's signature piece of labor legislation. In 1975, Gerald Ford set the income threshold above...
  9. Ya' Cousin Cleon

    If you're anti-immigrant, you're directly suporting white supremacy

    Yes black people need jobs, I would be a bootlicking ass c00n like @David_TheMan for denying such a thing. So if we're not going to rid ourselves of capitalism, then we need to abide or play by the system. If we are, then silence any and all or critiques of the bougie, talented tenth Negroes...
  10. Jimi Swagger

    Our Constitution Wasn’t Built for This

    By GANESH SITARAMANSEPT. 16, 2017 Exactly 230 years ago, on Sept. 17, 1787, a group of men in Philadelphia concluded a summer of sophisticated, impassioned debates about the fate of their fledgling nation. The document that emerged, our Constitution, is often thought of as part of an...
  11. Ya' Cousin Cleon

    Median Wealth Of Black And Latino Families Could Hit Zero Before The Century's End

    inb4 "nikkas need to stop buying Jordans!" :mjlol: Income inequality has been getting worse, which suggests that the wealthiest, typically meaning Whites, are getting wealthier. According to a new study, the imbalance will shift so far that median Black and Latino households will lose the...
  12. Luken

    Black people need to learn how to make Spa's and Sell Spa services

    Based on my award nominated group econmoics pizza thread....* Think about it... go to any urban center or metropolis and you always have a visible or noticeable section of Asians, usually...
  13. Jimi Swagger

    A Legacy of Environmental Racism - EPA ignored emails of Civil Rights Complaints

    Exxon Mobil is still pumping toxins into black community in Texas 17 years after Civil Rights Complaints Exxon Mobil Is Still Pumping Toxins Into Black Community in Texas 17 Years After Civil Rights Complaint JOSEPH GAINES was sitting on his porch in the Charlton-Pollard section of Beaumont...
  14. JahFocus CS

    Think Twice About Escaping Earth to an Exoplanet

    Great article, I've been meaning to read and post it for a week now :pachaha:
  15. JahFocus CS

    Marx Was Right (Briarpatch mag article)

    older article, but I just got around to reading it. :francis:
  16. DrX

    Why do people still go to college for ? That shyt is a blatant scam

    The key is mastering a skill and sell your service. Then sell products. Investing your money and being frugal. Not spending on dumb shyt. fukk do anybody want a fukking degree for… to be somebody's bytch?. Building their dream. College is for suckers man. I came back from shytpotle on the...
  17. DrX

    Black woman ain't fukking with the avg black man anymore. That's why u gotta chase the bag.

    If you're just a avg height, avg looking, avg dressing, avg job having black man, black women ain't checking for u. They got there system set up like this, peep game: 1. Get a non black simp to take care of their financial obligations or give them that good hair light skin baby 2. She can now...
  18. JahFocus CS

    What Happened at Vaughn Prison?

    shyt is so fukked up. :mjcry:
  19. JahFocus CS

    When Capitalists Go on Strike

  20. JahFocus CS

    Socialize Finance

    Continued in next post