1. M

    Q-Tip Abstract Radio 9/2/16 Random Mix Night (Live Now)

    Starting out with Ruff Ryderz, never really liked this single. Not a Swizz fan :yeshrug: & then after a minute he switches to Janet Jackson "Got til its gone" remix. I think he is doing just a random mix tonight, oh it's all a womens artist mix tonight :ohhh: Im taping it, it will be up in 2...
  2. M

    Q-Tip Abstract Radio Salsa/Latin Mix Show 10pm Tonight 8/19/16 (Link INSIDE)

    Apple Music LINK: :banderas::banderas::banderas::banderas: Oh my god, people about to be schooled in latin masters we all should appreciate & acknowledge. Who else would go from Nineties Hip Hop to something like this? Hector Lavoe, we about to get a lot of Fanta records, fam :win: Check...
  3. Pdiddy

    Cops Look Out for Homeless Black Teen

  4. M

    This Scientology Documentary FINALLY geting Release (Trailer)

    If you ever think obscure religion doesn't have power, consider this little struggle, Louis Theroux has been struggling to get his film in theaters. Here's a clip from the film. Louis Theroux has encountered the worst obstacle in his film career. Look at this, coli fam. Look at the madness...
  5. M

    I'm a 25 year old with no job and limited education

    I need some advice. I don't want to work some bullshyt ass job I want a career. Something I can be proud of but I have no discernible skills. What advice would you give a young man trying to get back into the workforce? Should I go to school? Should I try to get a government job? I just want to...
  6. 88m3

    Illinois Lawmakers Weigh Whether To Declare Education A ‘Fundamental Right’

    Illinois Lawmakers Weigh Whether To Declare Education A ‘Fundamental Right’ BY CASEY QUINLAN APR 19, 2016 12:02 PM CREDIT: SETH PERLMAN, AP In this Jan. 27, 2016 photo, Illinois Speaker of the House Michael Madigan, D-Chicago, looks on as Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner delivers his State of the...
  7. TEH

    Tim Wise speaks about the racist school system used to keep people poor

    Tim Wise speaks about the flawed education system that encourages poverty. Antiracist essayist, author and activist Tim Wise delivers a keynote speech at the California Federation of Teachers 74th annual statewide convention on March 11, 2016 in San Francisco on the topic of "Using racism to...
  8. Brosef

    What is your Level of Education?

    What kind of educational background do people have on the coli? All responses are private so be accurate as you can
  9. Yehuda

    Ranking Countries By The Worst Students

    More than a quarter of American 15-year-olds are low-performing in at least one subject Education by the Numbers Column by JILL BARSHAY February 15, 2016 Here’s an interesting way to turn international test scores on their heads: rank each country by the performance of its weakest students...
  10. notPsychosiz

    Brother Polight dropping knowledge (re:Beyonce protest)

    And shotout to Metta, as always. :salute:
  11. A Real Human Bean

    No more physics and maths, Finland to stop teaching individual subjects

    source Finland continues leading the world in education.
  12. Idaeo

    Americans are Getting Degrees in Germany....For Free

    How US students get a university degree for free in Germany How US students get a university degree for free in Germany - BBC News While the cost of college education in the US has reached record highs, Germany has abandoned tuition fees altogether for German and international students alike...
  13. Idaeo

    Training More Black Men to Become Teachers

    The Campaign for More Black Male Teachers NEW ORLEANS—During his high-school days, no football game could start without Louis Blackmon III: the team’s center. Each play began with his snap. Though Blackmon was renowned for his hustle on the field, he didn’t put the same effort into the...
  14. Barnett114

    2015 is almost over; Women how many men did you smash?

    For educational research purposes:jbhmm:
  15. SirReginald

    Saying Women CAN'T Have Leadership Roles Is Ridiculous (Meet Liz Dozier Principal #BLACK EXCELLENCE)

    I heard some people say that women can't make good leaders because they are easily pressured and emotional :francis: However, that has been proven otherwise. Meet Liz Dozier, Fenger Highschool Principal. She has turned around a failing school :blessed: Basically, the female Joe Clark...
  16. A Real Human Bean

    10 Years After Katrina, New Orleans’ All-Charter School System Has Proven a Failure

    source Anyone else read that FAIR piece on corporate media celebrating Hurricane Katrina because of what they thought it might do, and what it did, for NOLA schools? :scust: Might post that later.
  17. T

    Coli Scholars, help my homie out. MPA or Masters in Cyber Security?

    I am posting this shyt in TLR, since this is where all the traffic is. My homie is going for his Master's degree, and can't decide which to get.