1 BTC = $8.2k, it’s up 735% this yr UPDATE 5/19: BTC @ $42k :damn:

old pig

Nov 12, 2017
@surf or any expert, what have you heard on something called banana gun or banana gun router? sometimes when doing research i click a transaction and it says banana gun router like this one: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

wasn't sure if thats something like uniswap or some fukkery was going on with those transactions. guessing its like a trading bot of some sort.

no “expert” but I mentioned it a while back…it’s a sniper bot…same lane as unibot…tried to get in when it hit the market @ $0.65 but it ran up too fast…usage rate is high…comparable/arguably better than unibot…you can check the stats on dune…they were the ones who promised they would never launch a token and then they did and the launch got completely fukked up…but they did a relaunch and it’s been smooth sailing since


quoted the wrong post initially

just deployed a little over 10 minutes ago and it’s already up to $7+ from $0.65 and at 3k+ holders

tried to get in at $0.65 but far too many ppl are buying in/running up the price…I wasn’t looking to spend more than $1 out the gate…will just wait and see if/where it settles down later on

also the final contract info needs to be sorted out…it’s showing as a honeypot even tho it is the official contract…this happens tho sometimes when a coin is recently deployed…just sitting back and waiting for a much better entry when everything is sorted out/settled down…presalers and devs are not gonna ignore an immediate 10x (I hope lol) even tho this has the potential to go much higher

also they have the wrong mcap listed on dextools…10M is the total supply but the circulating supply is 2.5M so the mcap is lower than what is showing on dextools…alright last word on it.


wow smh…nothing can ever be simple in crypto lol…jeezus christ…

big mess…there are ppl who I saw throw mid-5 figures at this who weren’t bots…they gonna be antsy until this gets corrected

on a potentially positive note this will cause a lot of short-term FUD…maybe enough that the token doesn’t run as hard initially on relaunch…I am already seeing FUD that their TG was deleted and that they ran with the funds but I’m literally in their TG channel right now…it is a very successful project PRIOR to the team deciding to launch tokens…the #s on dune support that…so that’s not going to change…the anticipation was large enough that the holder count ran up to almost 5k in an hour…ngl tho this is a nasty setback

nah I was waiting for a dip and for the contract info to be updated…I knew it would do well but it did better than I expected early on…it was up to about $2-3 within seconds (started off at $0.65)…I saw it go as high as $7-8 (and close to 5k holders in about an hour) before they made the announcement that they screwed up the contract…dunno how long it will take for them to relaunch but there’s a lot they have to do so I can’t call it…I expect they’ll do a proper relaunch cuz their rep is on the line but technically speaking they did just dump millions of dollars worth of tokens and if they wanted to they could just disappear and not give a shyt


@Slimkid07 here’s an update…

they ended up relaunching a few days ago…picked up a handful to satisfy my FOMO but not much…still waiting/hoping for a big dip…it’s been “bouncing” between $8-11 for a couple days…I feel like everyone is waiting for them to announce the specifics of revenue sharing and for folks to see how much money is generated/distributed to token holders

speaking of fruit…another coin I’m watching is pear swap…after omniabot tho I’m antsy about jumping into some of these utility coins too early…if no one’s using them, the features don’t mean shyt

but back to banana gun…it’s a legit project…they had a ton of users established before developing a token…imo it’s a buy and hold…when the real bull hits, it’s possible a low cap coin like this can cross a billion…it’s a direct competitor to unibot which almost hit $200M a few months back when the market was ass…I think this and unibot will both be $1B mcap projects when we get that massive run in a year or two
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Jun 10, 2012
Damn, dodged a bullet because AVAX down 15% today :whew:

It's crazy because the edibles and beers I had last night put me to sleep early so I wound up awake at 3:30am. I grabbed my phone and had a Twitter notification showing a chart with Bitcoin falling out of the parabola. Saw another tweet confirming the same thing so I sold expecting a dump.

Nothing worse than hitting on a trade but riding it into a dump.


May 1, 2012
Same thing. This is trending #1 for me in America OpenSea exploit, same scam links - https://twitter.com/search?q=#OpenseaExploit&src=trend_click&vertical=trends

Elon wants .X. to be a financial destination but has no control of scams and bots. Not going to happen for him.

Maybe small dip/sideways action time now. My portfolio went up over 50% last 30 but maybe it's taking a breather now, deciding which way to go.

Just saw fake XRP ETF news

They saying it’s not fake


Jul 14, 2012
New Orleans
Closed my trades last night. Final results:

AVAX +80%
CELO +10%
LINK -5% (wicked out days ago at $11)

Trying to stay disciplined and not over trade. I was set on only two but bought LINK. CELO was a slow mover that I wanted to cut and move that money elsewhere but profit is profit.

Going to wait to see what BTC does today, check some charts, and if it's good to go I'm taking two trades. Hopefully they hit fast so I can exit within 1-3 days.
I've been trading futures on Mexc got my dumbass liquidated twice last week. Decided to take a break from it.