1. M

    Coli Breh teaches indie publishing and the first class was Lit! Check it out!

    What's up family. So after our successful campaign to continue Black Sands, I decided to give back to the black community. In the last two years, I have written and/or produced eight books and trained a few star students. My process is quick and efficient when it comes to development and...
  2. J

    College kids react to the SICKO MODE music video

  3. Barnett114

    Anyone Here Go to USC?

    I'm thinking about applying as a transfer student? :patrice:
  4. Balla

    Does taking College classes at night make the experience wack as hell????

    I'll most likely be working a 9-5 because I don't want to take out loans and them nikkas don't want mon-fri. Does going to college at night ruin the college experience a lot? Will there just be mostly be older people with kids n shyt? I'll know yall say, stay focus and don't have no fun, but...
  5. M

    Ladies, what has been your experience dating college-educated black men?

    :patrice: I'm on the road to success :blessed:
  6. M

    Is marketing a good major?

    :lupe: For reference, I attend a middle of the pack public university, located in a major metropolitan area (Miami/South Florida) I'd like to work in the marketing department of a Fortune 1000 company or a position at a notable marketing/advertising agency for a few years after I graduate...
  7. M

    Is there a correlation between girls being pretty & being thots/clout chasers?

    :why::why::why: I know I shouldn't speak in absolutes, but all the fine girls at my school are hunting down football/basketball dikk, or thotting it up for the pretty boys/SoundCloud nikkas. Like literally all of them, shyt is ridiculous
  8. M

    I'm getting kicked out the crib @ 20 years old, give a breh some tips

    My mom is 55 years old, and September will make it 30 years at her company, so she can retire young with a GREAT pension and an extremely plush 401k. This is all great of course, her job paid for her MBA & she was able to get her PhD. Now that she's retiring, my mom says she's getting ready to...
  9. M

    Why is college easier than high school?

    Am I buggin or do y'all agree? :ohhh: High school for me: -Not really grasping the material -Constantly angry/moody teachers -Trying to impress/schmooze people by being a class clown -Dealing with petty ass high school drama & immaturity -When I'm trying to pay attention, some goofy ass...
  10. M

    Educated brehs, how did your dating life change as your education/salary increased?

    :feedme: I'm on track to graduate magna cum laude with my B.B.A in marketing from a reputable state school, then I'm going to either Booth, Wharton or Goizueta for my MBA. The perks of having educated family members who donate back that can write letters of recommendation for you :ahh: If my...
  11. SirReginald

    Black British Rapper Graduates From College With A First Class Degree (Overcame Illness)

    More positive news and salute to the brotha :salute:
  12. DrBanneker

    Black Miss Croatia 2017 headed to MIT

    Shanaelle Petty was crowned 2017 Miss Universe Croatia last April, and made it into the top 16 at the Miss Universe 2017 pageant. She will enter MIT this fall as part of the class of 2022. This interview has been condensed and edited for length and clarity. The Tech Remember the mixed Black...
  13. J

    General Education Unappreciation Thread

    shyts the biggest waste of time ever :heh:..... Two years (if you’re lucky, unlike me) of learning shyt that that’s nothing to do with the major that you planned. I’m going into the communications/advertising field, what math higher than basic algebra is useful for me. I’ve already spent 13...
  14. Balla

    "Worthless Degrees"

    What options do those people have ? Do you know people who succeeded with "Worthless Degrees?" What do they do if they get one? Do they go back to school and major in stem, medical, or accounting or finance if they can't get a good job? Do they go to trade school? Or do they get lucky and find...
  15. Clay Puppington

    Graduating today - Free daps & rep!

    :blessed: Thanks to the Coli for keeping a nikka entertained and in check. Y'all wouldn't believe how castrated and :mjpls:esque dudes round my age are. Hold some dap & rep!!!
  16. Balla

    Joining a frat

    You think it's worth joining a frat if you don't know anyone at school to make friends, network, and to have fun in college ? Or you think I could do OK on my own? I really don't want to join one at all, but I know some of the benefits, I just don't like the feeling of being tied to something...
  17. Balla

    Have a good time in college?

    So I'm going to a college where I don't know anyone. I'm also gonna be working as well and won't be living on campus. So what would be a good way to meet people and have fun? Join a club? Join a frat? What did yall do while in college ? and what would you recommend?
  18. Balla

    Trade school or College for IT?

    Edit* or certs Trying to see which one would be a better option.
  19. King Static X

    Who's your favorite rapper? (Howard University students in 1992)