1. M

    Business administration vs. computer science

    I'm currently switching my major from economics & stuck between the two. Which one would yall pick? FWIW, I'm a community college student & when I transfer I'm majoring in marketing. I'm planning on starting a mobile app development company as soon as I find a technical cofounder but my backup...
  2. Jimi Swagger

    Higher-Education Bill Tightens Accountability Rules for Minority Schools

    Funding levels would stay flat, but schools must meet 25% threshold for graduation or transfers Howard University students at the 2016 commencement ceremony. By Melissa Korn The federal government sets aside roughly $600 million in grants for colleges that serve large...
  3. Dreamchaser

    College Applications

    What's good everyone, my god sister is apply to colleges and I wanted to see what advice people wish they had learned before they applied to colleges?
  4. Jimi Swagger

    11 Percent of African Americans Hope Lottery Wins Will Pay for Kids’ College

    Research conducted by insurance company Mass Mutual reveals disturbing insight: Almost 11% of those surveyed about financing an education cited winning the lottery as a means of paying for their kids’ college. :snoop: According to learning website ThoughtCo., the chance of winning a Daily 4...
  5. Jimi Swagger

    Why the NCAA will eventually be forced to pay some student athletes

    The chart below shows us how much college football players might be worth at the top programs if they were able to play in a free market system and receive compensation in a manner similar to that of the NFL. We calculated the Fair Market Value of college football players at the 20 most...
  6. get these nets

    Cheyney, the oldest HBCU is in trouble ,update:Retained Accreditation

    Article mentions Cheyney's problems, but is really about the man who rescued another HBCU from ruin. And his advice for people in charge at Cheyney. How one historically black college changed its fortune Updated: November 15, 2017 — 5:34 PM EST Ben Torres Michael Sorrell, president of...
  7. Jimi Swagger

    Courts side with Maryland HBCUs in case over disparities in state higher education

    Morgan State University in Baltimore is a historically black college and the largest such school in Maryland. A federal judge this week ordered Maryland to remedy the lack of investment in the state’s historically black colleges and universities, in an effort to resolve a decade-old lawsuit...
  8. Jimi Swagger

    Demanding a Bachelor’s Degree for a Middle-Skill Job Is Just Plain Dumb

    As college grads get scarce, some employers are opening their eyes to candidates they once ignored. By Peter Coy Ever wonder why employers demand advanced credentials for jobs that don’t seem to require them? So did Joseph Fuller, a professor of management practice at Harvard Business School...
  9. Jimi Swagger

    There's a Massive Racial Gap in Student Loan Defaults, New Data Shows

    African-American students who borrowed to earn their bachelor’s degrees are four times more likely to default on their student loans than white peers. That's one of the most striking findings in an analysis of new data on close to a decade of loan repayment rates. Many of the findings in the...
  10. Jimi Swagger

    Over half of For-Profit students defaulted on loans

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- Students who attended for-profit colleges were twice as likely or more to default on their loans than students who attended public schools, according to a federal study published Thursday. The report by the National Center of Education Statistics looks at students who began...
  11. Jimi Swagger

    Colleges make a fortune from saying 'no' to applications - here’s how much. . .

    For students, college applications are one more step in the tedious process ofgetting into and choosing the right school. But for colleges, applications serve as something else entirely: A revenue stream. That's according to LendEdu, which conducted a study to find just how much colleges and...
  12. Archangel

    People Treat Me Differently When I'm Dressed Professionally.

    Cliff Notes - When I'm dressed professionally, people of all color, even white men and women, acknowledge and treat me with respect. It has even granted me a few privileges I feel I wouldn't have otherwise received if not for the way I carry myself. I'm 27 and just recently started back...
  13. KingBeez

    COLLEGE KIDS GET IN HERE: Get Spotify AND Hulu for $5.99 a month

    Music for everyone. YALL WELCOME COLI COLLEGE FAM LETS EAT :blessed:
  14. Archangel

    Pay money to do college assignments in a class you already paid for brehs

    Okay, I'm taking this Biology class online and the professor runs her assignments through this program called Cengage Mindtap. It's a little website that has the book and all of our assignments on it. Cool. For the 1st two weeks of school, the program was free AND it had the book on there so you...
  15. Archangel

    You in college and you meet this chick who got everything you want in a woman but...

    She strips on the side to get through school. She classy, intelligent, body is all natural, is self aware and mindful of what is going on in the world. She even like sports and got a PS4. She got a night job at the strip joint downtown and is one of the most popular chicks there. You look up the...
  16. Aphrodite

    Something to motivate those in college to graduate....

  17. Idaeo

    American University's First Black Student Body President Gets Taunted With Nooses & Bananas

    WHAT TO KNOW Bananas in nooses were found Monday in three locations on American University's campus. The racist displays were found the same day the first black woman to become student government president started in the role. Hundreds of students began marching on campus Tuesday afternoon...
  18. lowkey0z

    the "positives" and negatives of attending a PWI

    i damn sure didn't have to see any of this fukk shyt when i was in college :scust: :huhldup:
  19. P

    SURVEY: What did you do with your life (or are currently doing) from ages 18-24?

    Just curious. :yeshrug:I'm not going to go into detail,but I went through a very fukked up medical situation and I wasn't able to do ANYTHING during most of this age range. I'm just trying to see what I missed out on(and if I can make up for it) or if I missed anything at all.
  20. Malik1time

    Free NY Suny and CUNY college tuition has been approved for Fall 2017!!

    This is huge for any brehs looking for a way to get in school:ohhh::ohhh: Why New York's 'tuition-free' colleges will still cost $14,000 but you will have to pay room and board by yourself:umad: New York set to become first state to offer free college tuition under new deal main reqs are your...