1. RennisDeynolds

    Mozart in the Jungle Official Thread (Amazon Prime)

    Anyone watched this show? Been keeping up since the beginning and season 4 just dropped. Story follows a superstar orchestra conductor and an aspiring female oboist as they move into the NY Symphony. I don't know anything outside of the basics of classical music (composer names, select few...
  2. S

    Anybody subscribed to

    Article on the platform - Actual website - Welcome! I'm gonna give this a shot. Nubian TV on the web. Netlfix for Nubians. They can get my $50/yr. It's less than...
  3. Rockeywashington

    Singles NEW video Rockey Washington - Saucin

    add me to your playlist anywhere you stream hiphop!
  4. B

    MRecktv Now Streaming Right Now On FxOnenyc, Amazon Fire, Fire Stick, Cable Tv (Greatness)

    Watch TV – FXONE TV I'm Blessed nikkaz Is In Trouble Now, Rappers, Podcast, Media Outlets, Etc. Peace I'm Gone Salute To The Coli Moderators Brooklyn Son What Up
  5. Rockeywashington

    Mixtapes & EPs The new EP from Rockey Washington - Spring Seventeen

    Rockey Washington - Spring Seventeen is streaming NOW! add Rockey Washington on any app.
  6. T.H.E. Goat

    Are Streaming Plaques Better Than Ringtone Plaques?

    Meaning, are they more official? Is it more official to get a plaque from Streaming then it was from selling ringtones?
  7. Rockeywashington

    Singles Rockey Washington - "Saucin"

  8. Mac Casper

    We would've taken over hip-hop, if it hadn't been for you meddling kids

    That's right. It's about time I've come to the realization that hip-hop isn't what it use to be, nor will it ever be. For the first time in the history of the business, old music (affectionately referred to in the industry as "back catalog") is now outselling new music. This effectively...
  9. Ruck

    OLED Gang: Assemble!

    Les Gettit! OLED65B6P We in this bytch!!! :blessed::blessed::blessed:
  10. valet

    Unless you're a major artist, why put your album on streaming sites the 1st week?

    Like I get it with Drake, Kanye, etc. But if you're somebody that's not on that level what's the point? If I was an artist, I would be strictly on a site like Bandcamp. Especially if I was underground. Then like after a month put it on streaming sites. At least force people who still buy...
  11. -DMP-

    [Rumor]Hulu will add Live tv service in 2017. $40/month

    Hulu will reportedly challenge cable companies with its own internet TV service still to expensive for my blood. I pay about 90 for internet alone. and best believe I can watch anything I want to using it.
  12. beaniemac

    Comcast announces streaming via Samsung smartv's and Roku

    this is good news if it allows me to ditch all my 5 set to boxes and their rental fees. and of our 6 tv's, two are smart tv's, and 2 others have roku boxes. if it simply works like the xfinity app, then this will be of little use to me tho cuz that means there won't be much live sports...
  13. Leasy

    The Social Implementation of PSN is Amazing

    Sony hit the jackpot with the social dynamics features this generation compared to Microsoft. Microsoft always label themselves as the social gaming system but they seem to lack the current feature Sony has. 1.Messenger App tried that shyt out yesterday and it was cool as hell talking to my...
  14. CodeBlaMeVi

    The Most Vocal and Public Face of Tidal Resigns

    Jay Z’s Tidal Loses Yet Another Top Executive Jay Z’s Tidal Loses Yet Another Top Executive Tuesday, November 17, 2015 Charlotte Hassan Since Jay-Z bought Tidal for a record $56 million early this year, the company has endured non-stop executive instability. Tidal’s management turnover has...
  15. M

    YouTube Music is Growing 60% Faster than *ALL* Streaming Services Combined

    Any thoughts on this new statistic? I wonder what Youtube's Music Key is going to be like. :ohhh: I hope they have the "Full Album" links still available. :russ: I wonder how much Hip Hop controls via streaming :jbhmm:
  16. -DMP-

    Youtube to launch twitch rival streaming service today. Youtube gaming.

    YouTube Gaming site ready for launch - BBC News