1. NoirDynosaur


    ESSENTIAL LIFE TIPS Don't complain either about your colleague or senior with anyone- puts you in bad light. Focus on learning and gaining skills Always talk about your abilities with respect. If you share your weaknesses, they will find it hard to remember your pluses. Take ownership of your...
  2. M

    Just found out a woman I'm sleeping with is "married"... What do I do?

    I got a mexi- milf bih on my roster who i been messing wit for a few months, i stayed over at her place a couple nights ago and she told me for the first time how she's actively going through a separation that's emotionally draining and complicated, at first I was like meh :yeshrug: idc. But...
  3. CopiousX

    Question for our African posters.

    Hello guys, I'm pondering starting a business venture in one of your countries, but I'm having difficulty figuring out avg labor rates . The internet is very forthcoming about proffesional rates, especially if they work at govt institutions, but the payscale for the avg non-college educated...
  4. Sex Luthor

    To the people that live with your significant other, let me ask you something real quick...

    How long were y'all together before you moved in together? What made you realize that it was time? I ask bc my older sister is temporarily living with me and my girl. She been with this dude for about 7 months. He's cool and respectful to her so I have no problem with him. She told me yesterday...
  5. T


    Y’all on THECOLI is so aggy that’s why the website almost collapsed. Luckily I can post now so I’m here to help y’all out on ways to improve this website and make y’all become better people :o: SOME WAYS TO IMPROVE: 1. STOP MAKING THREADS BASED ON RACE. Like damn every thread has to be...
  6. Bossyyyyy

    Pay off Car or Move Out? Advice for a 20 something

    What would you do? currently, I have a car I am paying off. My total is just over $9k I am also saving to move out. My goal is $10k before i start to search. I have just over $8.3k in that particular savings acct. should be able to hit my goal by end of month/ early March. I really want to...
  7. President Sakora

    if she sends you a wyd text at 6AM she wants the d

    true a false? context: met a week ago exchanged numbers, texted pleasantries at normal hours, got a random text early morning.... my phone is off at night cause i don't leave it on at night.
  8. Luken

    Bandman Kevo, powerful messages wrong messenger.

    Dude is teaching nikkas a lot of stuff their dads and other male family members and good friends should be teaching them. i hope he cleans and polishes up the format of his channel so he can really eat! **** I still would never leave my debit and credit cards, ID's or passports around this...
  9. Ruck

    I quit my job 2 weeks ago. Got offered 2 positions but...

    Don't know what to do. Both are state jobs in completely different sectors. One job is straight up office desk in which I never had. Another is similar to what I use to do but I dont necessarily work directly with people - but definitely more responsibility (nice pay upgrade). Im leaning...
  10. R

    Signs She’s a Bird Thread

    I may be a simp loser but I’ll be damned if I get married one day and she’s a scandalous whore like Sonya Curry. Brehs and brehettes drop that wisdom!
  11. R

    Is Dating Plausible These Dayz?

    First I don’t plan to make threads here in this section after this one and I’ll focus more on my hobbies regardless and if IT or something else out there for me to make more money. @patscorpio @Barnett114 i hope we can peace it up as brehs and coli family. I was truly havin an embarrassing manic...
  12. Jimmy from Linkedin

    Businessmen of The Coli, what did you do to feel this way?

    Have you ever felt this way? What did you do to earn it?
  13. J

    How do you get a mouthpiece?

    Never been with a girl in my life-sexually or romantically- and only been on a couple dates so far. Will be 23 in January if that helps. I'm not interested in incel babble or PUA babble btw
  14. 987654321

    The stigma of getting STD/STI tests

    I was skimming the king face topics, and came across a few points that made me curious. In my younger days I didn’t really think about the possibility of l having anything until a girl I knew, for years (even went to school with) burned me. Thankfully it was temporary, even though it felt like...
  15. R

    Super rich millionaire gets supreme hitting advice with a struggle video set up

    WTF is this shyt? :gucci: But the advice is GODLY :wow:
  16. L2014

    At what age did you become consistent in everything you do?

    No flimsy actions or thoughts Handling your reading, workouts, business, jobs, etc. Im pushin 24 and feel like I still don’t get it help a yungblud
  17. Pammy91

    What to do about loud neighbors

    So I’ve been in my apartment for almost 2 years. First year was fine but sometime last year this group of people moved into the unit next to mine. They’re clearly drug addicts and they’re constantly screaming, fighting, and slamming things late at night. If they’re not fighting they’re blasting...
  18. Malik1time

    Is it a bad idea to always think positive when bad shyt is happening around you?

    I’m always known to stay positive and only think that good days are coming but yet shyt always happen in my life:francis::francis: like theirs always a new challenge I have to overcome:hhh::hhh::hhh: it’s tireing at times....everyday I continue to have thoughts my time will come blah...
  19. Sankofa Alwayz

    Question for History Majors

    For my fellow History Major brehs or any of you brehs who’ve dealt with something like this before, how do you go about constructing an outline for a Senior Thesis? What is the outline supposed to look like in this case? I’ve done an outline before but not for this particular type of paper...
  20. phcitywarrior

    Coli: What's the best advice your Father ever gave you?

    "My son. After the dust has settled you will become the man of the house. It is a great honour and a great responsibility. Be diligent in all your endeavours. " :wow: