music business

  1. SupaVillain

    Who here works or worked at a music label?

    So in my career, I'm 2 years in working in Fed Audit at a Big 4 Accounting firm. I'm about to get promoted to senior in a couple of months and I am really interested in working for a music label, either working behind artists getting their finances in order or working with labels to create...
  2. Excellenceofelegance

    touring Coli brehs in the music business answer this for me

    do artists have to pay for sound and lighting at the venues that they are booked in ? And is there more expenses that they have to take care of while doing shows?
  3. CopiousX

    I wanna buy OPTIONS contracts on rappers.....

    This is a weird post, but i just had an idea. But I dont know if its great one yet...:patrice: I think i wanna start buying (promotional) call options on up-and-coming ATL rappers. Wait, hear me out here.:whoa: So im assuming yall know what traditional stock options are cause this is the...
  4. Homey the clown

    YouTube, Spotify, and other streaming services shoving certain song's down your throat unappreciatio

    I pretty sure you all have seen it. You go to Apple Music, Tidal, Youtube, Spotify or any App that plays music and every once in a while they'll aggressively recommend a certain song or album from a certain artists. Like for example for the past two days whenever I go to YouTube they have...
  5. 23 Savage

    Akon says labels turned down signing T-Pain because he was too ugly

    :dead: what kinda judgment is that
  6. Homey the clown

    There is no excuse for so many song's today to be so damn short

    People always make the excuse of people not listening to the whole song or something like that for the reason so many song's today or so short. But that really isn't a good excuse is because CD Players and Mp3 players all had a skip function so I'm pretty sure people were skipping song's...
  7. Homey the clown

    Who is the current best vocalist in music today Male or Female

    As far as singing ability goes. Back in the day you had Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Dino from H Town etc. And then in the 2000's you had Jennifer Hudson, Fantastia and a few others. Now it seems like other then maybe Ariana Grande and Adele there aren't a lot of music stars male or female...
  8. Homey the clown

    Most popular music styles 1910-2019

  9. Homey the clown

    If you don't like something don't listen to it or watch it(Rant)

    Okay first before anyone thinks i'm talking about them. Let it be known I am not talking about anyone on Thecoli. What I am talking about is how there are people in this country who feel like just because they don't like a particular Tv show, movie, song or musical artist or whatever no...
  10. Homey the clown

    It's stupid you dont actually own what you download off these streaming apps to your phone or Sd car

    It's dumb that when you download music , videos, etc to your phone or to an sd card you still don't own it.I have so much stuff that I have downloaded to my phone and Sd cards from Spotify, Google play music, Youtube Red,Tidal and Apple Music, that I cant use unless I pay $10 a month to use...
  11. Homey the clown

    How long do you think Spotify's new policy will last ?

    How long do you think it will be because of backlash that Spotify will realize it's not up to them to try and be the moral police. That if you're going to ban certain music stars, then you're going to have to ban not just current music stars, but also legends, producers, record...
  12. Homey the clown

    How long do you think Spotify's new policy will last ?

    How long do you think it will be because of backlash that Spotify will realize it's not up to them to try and be the moral police. That if you're going to ban certain music stars, then you're going to have to ban not just current mudic stars, but also legends, producers, record...
  13. 23 Savage

    Do you have to pay royalties/give credits for recreating a song's beat & sampling its melody?

    So basically, I recreated this EXACT beat by myself (not that hard, this was a simple R&B beat) and used the exact same melody as the lyrics, instead of Doin Just Fine the song is called Touch You All Night:skip: I didn't sample in the "traditional" sense, so would it be grounds for giving...
  14. 23 Savage

    How does one become an adult contemporary R&B producer/songwriter in this day & age?

    Through my mom & grandma, I grew up listening to the classics i.e. Vandross, Boyz II Men, the Leverts, Gap Band, Anita Baker, Otis Redding, Brian McKnight, etc. I'm a fan of the more romantic "hold your hand, buy you roses" type of R&B music that the guys above brought, not the freaky...
  15. Jimi Swagger

    Azealia Banks debuts new podcast 'Bruja Delbloque'

    Beyond being a super talented rapper, Azealia Banks is perhaps most known for being embroiled in controversies throughout the years, both with fellow female rappers like Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim and those outside the music industry, like Russell Crowe. Now, rather than have her words taken out...
  16. Black Cobain

    Rappers, Producers & Musicians Wanted For An Experimental Cypher

    Hey y'all, I run an underground art magazine, Noise Without Borders (noisewithoutborders) that I'm reviving and to celebrate this I'm organizing a cypher - the "instrumental" is a noise track by Kinnara Desi La, an AA experimental artist currently based in Japan. I want people to do whatever...
  17. 23 Savage

    Will we see hip-hop return to the flamboyance of the late 90s/early 2000s?

    It's said that the streaming industry is only at 3% penetration level and artists are already getting paid nicely and getting gold & platinum plaques again like it's 2003:lupe: So, when it gets to 70-80% and it gets monetized even more, can you imagine the influx of new bread coming in the rap...
  18. Mac Casper

    We would've taken over hip-hop, if it hadn't been for you meddling kids

    That's right. It's about time I've come to the realization that hip-hop isn't what it use to be, nor will it ever be. For the first time in the history of the business, old music (affectionately referred to in the industry as "back catalog") is now outselling new music. This effectively...
  19. V

    Sign to Bad Boy, brehs. Pam from Total was working at White Castle

    Oct 6, 2016 issue of Rolling Stone No act was more out of practice than Total, the R&B trio known for hits like "Can't You See." The three hadn't performed together since 2000; one member, Pamela Long, worked at White Castle after they broke up. But they jumped right into rehearsals when...