weight loss

  1. G

    If You Need to Lose Weight ASAP…This Breh Can Help

    Before you laugh, check the comments. His viewers get results. Figured I’d share if you haven’t been going hard in the gym yet: He has plenty of videos. No excuses! Everyone can hit their goal by summer!!!!
  2. Low End Derrick

    Chloe Bailey Celebrates 25th Birthday; Is She Losing Weight?

    From this last month: To this now:
  3. RARI_Godwind

    UFC Champ tells BAWG Taylor Rooks that NoFap is a myth

    A lot to say about dood but apparently all the retention/nofap movement bs according to a pro athlete. If you got a few pounds to lose it seems like a viable option to bust sumn:ehh: Taylor Rooks is such a fine BAWG :noah: I’d probably lose some weight right then and there. Swear she has the...
  4. Dog Based Gremlin

    Obese Dog tries to Lose Weight and live a happier Dogset life

    2 years ago :flabbynsick: Dec 2021...
  5. Dog Based Gremlin

    Rapper 'Cordae' describes how he lost his Thickness

    Loss 30 pounds Gained Naomi Osaka :wow:
  6. SirShaktus

    Food that keeps you full while trying to slim down?

    Started my official weight loss journey this Thursday... 6'8", 270; but "skinny fat..." Easing back into working out due to shoulder issue, so squats, light dumbbell curls and a brisk 3 mile walk 4 times a week... Til I get a doctor's visit, gonna focus on diet. Brown rice, frozen veggies and...
  7. KidJSoul

    How do you people fall asleep? Need help ASAP

    I have this weird shyt where I can't sleep for more than 6 hours without having to go peee. Weird thing is, it's only like that after 12am or so.:jbhmm: If I fall asleep at like 10:30 i can sleep well. But then I get hungry as hell, the later the day goes on :why: So often times I have to...
  8. M

    Pescatarian Keto help

    brehs/brehettes, I’ve done keto in the past with decent results.... I want to try it again but I haven’t eaten any meat(pause) besides fish. So what are some fatty fish or some other things I can cop so I can meet the macros?
  9. M

    Is this guy's weight loss transformation PED-free?

    24 Stunning Weight Loss Transformations I was reading this article while on the basketball court. I was sitting on the side & 2 people ahead of me had downs. While looking at the pics, I see this breh looking like a 1st round pick:picard: Not sure how credible it is, but I searched the image...
  10. DatLBCGuy562

    Drop Your Current/Ideal Height & Weight And Describe....

    ...the measures you're taking to accomplish those goals. I know you can't change your height, but what are you doing to change the weight? Or are you happy where you are? I'm 6'1 and 255 pounds .I carry my weight well and most if it is muscle mass. Not a fat and sloppy 255. Matter of fact...
  11. M

    Brehs rate my official workout routine!!!

    I workout on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday/Sunday (whichever day I have time to make it to the gym:lupe:) ARM/TORSO/NECK A -Seated dumbbell shoulder press (8,8,8,5) -Barbell curls (8,8,8,5) -Bench press (8,8,8,5) -Decline dumbbell press (8,8,8,5) -Seated triceps extensions (8,8,8,5) -Long arm...
  12. ?

    How to Get Rid of that "Lower Tire" of my Belly?...and my butt is still small :-(

    Hello hello Coli family! :freakroman: I've been back in the gym off and on and the one thing that I still struggle with is my belly! This stubborn a** b*tch won't leave! :martin: Had it since the 1st grade and I want that nice hourglass figure, at least a Christina Hendricks shape (I have the...
  13. SirReginald

    WIT PICS: Planet Fitness Is A FUCCIN Scam :martin: (They FEED You DONUTS & PIZZA To Get Members)

    I STILL have a membership there :francis: Because it's cheap and I LOST a lot of weight there. However, I haven't been there in a year :beli: Anyway, when I go there every first of the month they have DONUTS AND PIZZA:dame: I thought this was suppose to be a weight loss place :patrice: Man...
  14. BelieveBeOK

    Quick question regarding weight loss

    Did some Google research and couldn't find an answer anywhere. I'm trying to maintain a calorie deficit to lose weight. (I'm looking to lose about 15kg or 33lbs in the next 7-8 months) What I need to know is, what percentage of the calories I eat do I need to burn off in the gym in order to be...
  15. Da_Eggman

    Finally Added Pics Edit* So i lost about 100 pounds

    *Finally said fukk it added my pic and IG to show y'all* was close to 300 pounds at my biggest now around 195....congrats congrats thanks thanks ect ect but now that i'm at this weight its becoming harder and harder to burn that extra fat on my body specifically that little fat that hangs...
  16. Tommy Sheppard

    Obese Cac From Rhode Island Riding His Bike Across The Country To Lose Weight

    A 560-pound man is biking across the country to lose weight. However, he's stranded in Rhode Island because he's bent his back wheel. That's why a bike shop there is giving him a new one. So far he’s lost 60 lbs. in two weeks. Obese man biking across US to lose weight :salute:
  17. ThiefyPoo

    Starting point

    Imma put my flabby pic up :sadbron: Please dont clown me too hard. I've got a long way to go i fell off hard :damn: and im climbing my way back . I'll post progress pics up. My diet is cleaning up and im back on the track so im a little down from this. I still got a gut doe :to: I...
  18. -G$-

    Essential Random Gym Thoughts Revisited...

    if you're capable typing on your iphone and having a 10 minute conversation about your date last night while you're doing "cardio" then you're doing that fat ass you're attempting to lose a great disservice