1. B

    Parents annoyed as pronouns law requires Indiana schools to report all nickname requests Parents annoyed as pronouns law requires Indiana schools to report all nickname requests Caroline BeckRachel Fradette Indianapolis...
  2. NoirDynosaur

    How Black Parents spank their kidsšŸ¤£šŸ¤£!

    Anyone who got their ass whopped from a belt knows that metal part shyt hurts like a mf!!!:russ:
  3. J

    Bill and charge interest on your own son for raising him just for him to disown you brehs

  4. FluffyEyes

    Black Music Month Challenge Day 9: What's a song that reminds you of your parents??

    June is known as Black Music Month and I thought it would be fun to make a thread each day using this template to discuss different Black music related to the questions here. Yesterday's Thread is here if you want to participate: Black Music Month Challenge Day 8: What's Your Favorite Remix...
  5. BelieveBeOK

    Do you think people should get a license to have children?

    Not an original thought but haven't seen it discussed here. There are some obvious drawbacks, the main being that it would involve more government control in your lives. However, I counter that government already has near total oversight on what you can or can't do, ranging from arbitrary shyt...
  6. J

    Father keeps track of every cent spent on her daughter since her birth....

    And expects her to pay him back every cent:dahell:
  7. Homey the clown

    Who are the household names of this current generation of rappers ?

    I was over my parents home today and my Dad and I were talking and he mentioned that he had just gotten around to watch this years BET Awards that he recorded on his DVR. He said he the majority of the rappers and singers he didnt know who the hell they were and said most of them were a...
  8. Homey the clown

    Lowkey growing up I resented my Dad at times

    I mean most of the time he was a pretty cool guy, but other times he could be the world's biggest a$$hole. Growing up it seemed like I could never do anything right in his eyes. Not once in my life then he ever tell me that he was proud of me, and he would also compare me to my older brother...
  9. Yinny

    Black Coli, how do your parents feel about the n-word?

    Iā€™m curious, neither of my parents use it and my Dad hates the word with a passion, he uses ā€œjokerā€ instead. Part of why I tend not to use it in real life and reserve it for my e-thuggery(jk but only slightly).
  10. you're NOT "n!ggas"

    shyt your parents used to say

    I'm talking about shyt like: You got McDonald's money? :martin: If my pops said Brush your teeth and wash your face it was low-key a threat to get your ass up NOW :ufdup: Any shyt where they'd try to flip something you said into something else. I remember one time we checked Problem Child 1 &...
  11. Yinny

    Parents of the coli

    Based on your experiences with the internet and online interactions, would you allow your children unrestricted access to the internet? Unsupervised?
  12. Neuromancer

    Have your parents ever made you proud?

    I woke up today and looked at my wall. My gf was sleeping so I couldn't stand as close as I wanted to, but with eagle eye, I took a close look at a framed piece my father wrote for the People's Voice news paper many years ago. It was called Black America will survive. He wrote it in the wake of...
  13. isisleo86

    Men with daughters how did you handle public restrooms?

    I'm just curious how it's handled from a parenting standpoint. For men with daughters, as they were potty trained how did you handle them going into public restrooms if you were out alone with them? I'm talking daughters between ages of 2-5. Would you go into the women's restroom with them or...
  14. Lamar Givens

    Which would you choose...

    You have to pick one. 1. Find out that your wife/husband of 10 years has been secretly sleeping with your best man/ maid of honor for your entire relationship. Or. 2. Over hear a conversation between your parents admitting they wish they never had you and giving birth to you was their worst...
  15. P

    Rank your parents

    From a 1-10 scale. I'd say 7 they did what they could. I always had an issue with my father but now that I'm older I understand it pops. :mjcry:
  16. j.smooth4

    Who's parents are the most Strict, AA's, African, or Caribbean.

    In terms of raising their children who's parents are the most strict with rules, punishment, religon, school, getting in trouble in work or school. Also when it comes to men impressing and courting their daughters who are the most hard to get approval.
  17. SheWantTheD

    Do You Flirt With The Opposite Sex In Front Of Your Parents/Family Members?

    Unless I know the person, it's kind of awkward for me to. And my mom be cock blocking a breh :martin:
  18. SheWantTheD

    Where's This Boy's Parents At?! Surrounded By Grown Women At A Party WTF?! (NSFW)

    WTF is going on here?! This got the be the weirdest shyt I've ever seen! :dahell: :wtf: House party.mpg - MOTHERLESS.COM Disclaimer: This shyt was linked off another site, I do not go on no site called motherless.
  19. SheWantTheD

    If You Are A Parent, Should You Still Go Out Partying & Clubbing?

    I see parents on social media still out clubbing and partying. What do you think? Yes or Nah?
  20. SheWantTheD

    Sh*t Ya Parents Say That Annoys You

    "You are your father's son" :childplease: Your turn.