1. NoirDynosaur


    This should inspire every man to achieve their best physique :ufdup:
  2. C

    Is the fitness industry particularly hostile to black people?

    Here's a quick story: A major gym chain was opening a gym in the town I live in. I was looking for a second job to get some extra hours, so me having a lot of customer service experience I applied. I applied probably seven or eight times because I know a lot of people are looking for work in...
  3. Silent_H

    STRENGTH OF HERCULES - Intro to Aesthetics and Fitness

    First part of a new vid series I'm doing pertaining to fitness and aesthetics. Feel free to comment, encourage, troll, etc.
  4. M

    Can a natural breh get Saquon Barkley's physique?

    His upper body isn't too crazy This nikka legs are retarded tho:dwillhuh:
  5. M

    Do Olympic sprinters lift weights?

    My original goal was to get NFL linebacker jacked, but I've ultimately accepted that I'll never be able to eat enough to bulk up to that level :yeshrug: Then I saw short distance (100m-400m) sprinters :gladbron: They're the perfect combo of being shredded/jacked while still being able to look...
  6. M

    Is this guy's weight loss transformation PED-free?

    24 Stunning Weight Loss Transformations I was reading this article while on the basketball court. I was sitting on the side & 2 people ahead of me had downs. While looking at the pics, I see this breh looking like a 1st round pick:picard: Not sure how credible it is, but I searched the image...
  7. M

    How do you make chicken breast not taste horrible?

    I'm getting on my health kick now, cuz I'm about to turn 20 & enter the prime of my life, so I need to be at my physical peak. The healthiest cut of meat by all accounts is chicken breast, so I'm trying to start eating it more. The problem is, this shyt tastes like I'm chewing a...
  8. SheWantTheD

    What Is The Best Physique An All Lifetime Natural Black Men Can Achieve?

    Lifetime natural (never taken any type of drugs, hormones or steroids in their lives). In the bodybuilding community there are literally only a handful of lifetime naturals like Scott Herman. But even then some people claim that he's been on something at least once before. Even the hodge twins...
  9. M

    Skinny ass calves

    Anybody else have this problem?:sadcam: I do barbell raises in the squat rack, dumbbell raises, seated barbell raises, calf raise machine, nothing works. My legs got shredded like old newspaper but didn't actually grow :why:
  10. Razor Reader

    Jeff Nippard bodybuilding channel...

    :ehh: decent schitt.
  11. M

    All the chest exercises I've tried only work my shoulders/tris

    I've tried -Dumbbell flyes -Bench press (Flat, incline, decline, dumbbell) -Pushups -Dips Nothing is giving my chest that burn/pump:hhh: Am I doing something wrong here? Should I do something else? What gives? Every other body part I can feel working out EXCEPT my chest. When I do chest...
  12. M

    Becoming swole is making me depressed

    What's good yall Over the last 3-4 months, I've REALLY dedicated myself to the gym 3x a week. I'm starting to see crazy results in such a short time period. Is it my genetics? Is it my dedication? Idk. But I'm starting to feel a lil blue. I always wanted to play football, because I love the...
  13. M

    Has anyone on here used testosterone boosters?

    PSA: Before someone says "STEROIDZ DERP" test boosters & injecting testosterone are two different things. Injecting T is basically telling your testicles "I don't need you no mo" and the associated side effects occur (Gynecomastia, shrinking balls, etc.) As quoted from
  14. Razor Reader

    Doing. A "deep analysis project" will take you to that next level...

    When I talked about creating a reading schedule for 2018 I mentioned doing an "analysis project" or "deep analysis project" at the end of the original post. The concept itself is real simple; it's an exercise in autodidactic self study. You can use this to learn anything you want. Be it a new...
  15. M

    Brehs rate my official workout routine!!!

    I workout on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday/Sunday (whichever day I have time to make it to the gym:lupe:) ARM/TORSO/NECK A -Seated dumbbell shoulder press (8,8,8,5) -Barbell curls (8,8,8,5) -Bench press (8,8,8,5) -Decline dumbbell press (8,8,8,5) -Seated triceps extensions (8,8,8,5) -Long arm...
  16. M

    Is this Nigerian man's physique naturally attainable?

    He's like that Ghanaian dude, he claims he made all of his home equipment with old furniture and car/boat/plane parts:ohhh:he's from Benin City, shouts out to the Edo For some reason I couldn't find good pics of his midsection to see of he has steroid belly or not Article if anyone cares...
  17. M

    I came back to tell y'all about God's grace! I almost died this morning

    So I was at the the gym this morning at about 8. I was doing my 5x5 bench press, 205 pounds (new 5RM record for me) As I was down, about to do my last rep, my arms said "Where you think you goin lil nikka?:russ:" and as I tried to bust out the last rep my arms felt like Wacky Flailing Arm...
  18. M

    Help me!!! Weak doesn't even begin to describe the state of my triceps and biceps

    I was wondering for the longest, why it seemed so hard for me to bench when my shoulders and chest could take it. Wondering why I couldn't do that much deadlifting or powercleaning, or why it seemed like such a struggle for me to do biceps curls, or why my triceps got sore when I even attempted...
  19. M

    Is it possible to get this shredded without gear?

    Dude is 6'3 200 lbs with a 33 inch waist:picard: His wife is bad too:ohhh:
  20. M

    73 year old bodybuilder out of Augusta, GA, Sam "Sonny" Bryant Jr. #blackexcellence